When learning about how to make blue eyes pop, some girls get in trouble because it is very difficult to be applied. But these tips will help you out from the problem.

The perfect way of how to make blue eyes pop will make a woman looks more beautiful and pretty.

One of the woman’s beauties can be spread through her face, especially the blue eyes pop. You don’t need to worry because you can still make the blue eyes pop to appear more perfect, beautiful, and charming. How to make blue eyes pop? As the title above, we will try to form a beautiful blue eyes pop. Just go check it out.

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How to Make Blue Eyes Pop

Actually forming blue eyes pop with a pencil is easy. However, for you as beginners, take a good look of the shape and image the pattern. If you make a bit mistake, your appearance will look more fierce and bizarre. The starting point is an early stage that is vital to get a form of pop perfect blue eyes, gorgeous, and formations. To make it easier to determine a starting point, you can use the help of tweezers. After determining the starting point, mark the edges with the help of an eyebrow pencil. Make sure you determine the most appropriate starting point. Furthermore, after determining the original starting point, you also need to determine the point where the picture ends later. The way is easy, touch the tweezers on the eyebrows and drag the top of tweezers to go to the end point of the eyebrow or the base.

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How to Make Blue Eyes Pop a

According to research conducted by experts, the half of 100 women nearly love the model of thinner and curved blue eyes pop. Nonetheless, there are many women who opt for a thicker. For those of you who want thicker and tidy blue eyes, start drawing parts outliner or ledges. Draw on the bottom of the first with a brown pencil. Form a kind of line rather thick, overwrite using black pencil. The arch is to determine the character of our face, so if the curve is wrong then it will have fatal consequences for the appearance. In determining the shape of the arch, try to apply makeup in the mirror. Mark the arch of the blue eyes pop, try marking a point corresponding to the shape of the eye to be more natural. After the end of the curvilinear marked, trim some eyelashes on the bottom edges of the eyebrows. Then with the help of an eyebrow pencil, you can make the edges appear pointed. How to make blue eyes pop is easy, isn’t it? Indeed a glimpse of how to form the blue eyes pop itself is easy but you must pay attention to the step above so the results are not disappointing.

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