Beautifying your nail can give greater effect. Nail art is very popular now since its beauty could give awesome effect for your overall appearance. There are several options of nail art, including girly nail art ideas.

Making nice girly nail art without facing difficulty, follow our guidance below

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Do you want to make your finger looks more beautiful? One of the nice ways is beautifying your nail. You need to beautify your nail, so it can give greater effect. Nail art is very popular now. The beautiful nail art could give awesome effect for the overall appearance. There are several options of nail art, including girly art. Girly nail art can be applied for everyday use or special event. You can ask professional to make nice nail art or make it by yourself. The important thing for creating nail art is carefulness and a little drawing skill. If you have them, you can try to create your own nail art. A lot of nail art designs require a skill to be able to make thick and thin stripes on nails. You can also buy a nail striper. Nail striper will help you make lines and stripes.

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Girly Nail Art Ideas stripes

There are several ideas of girly nail arts, like:

1.Cute heart

You can make a cute heart easily. First, apply a pale pink polish to your nail. Start to give two dots of the reddish polish on your nail. After that, make a heart from those dots. Every cute heart on your nail will make great and nice effect.

2.Nice jagged edge

If you want to make jagged edge, you can use tape and scissors. First, make the pattern on the tape using the scissors. Apply the polish that you want on your nail. Let it dry. Put the patterned tape on your nail. Give the other polish following the pattern.

3.Elegant glitter

Girly nail art will look prettier with glitter. You can use small makeup brush to brush the glitter plainly on your nail.

4.Polka dots

You can make small polka dots using Band-Aid. Put the Band-Aid on completely dry nails. Give the other polish. After that, take off the band aid.

5.Velvet pattern

If you want to make velvet pattern, you can add powder. This powder will give nice pattern. Make your own entirely unique nail color by creating your own matte polish.

For creating girly nail art, you may have so many nail polish bottles. Do not throw out the empty nail polish bottle. You can recycle this bottle as a great masterpiece for creating the nail art. It can save on the cost. There are several things that are needed.

  1. Acetone. You can also use non-acetone remover. But, it could not work quickly.
  2. A bottle of nail art polish and a tiny brush
  3. A dropper.

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Empty the polish from the bottle as much as you can. Acetone can remove the rest of the polish. Put the acetone using dropper and fill it to your nail polish bottle. Cap and shake it. You can wear gloves when removing the polish. You use it for any polish.

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