“I don’t need another nail color”, said no woman ever.

So, what is the first word that hits your mind when you hear the term “Nail art”? Funky? Trendy? Colorful? Vibrant? Or flashy? All words summed up, playing with nail colors is an absolute joy. In recent months, nail art has been trending constantly. You just need to have a closer look on how it’s done and you can do it with ease at home (cheers to the countless tutorials on YouTube).

Although I am no expert, I’ll try my best to guide you a little on how nail art is done. The first step is to wash and moisturize your hands properly. Once dry, make sure your nails are filed as per your desired shape and length, and a neat canvas is in place to paint upon. Next step is to choose the nail art design and arrange the necessary tools required for the particular design. Having pictured the nail art design perfectly in your mind, you are ready to unleash the artist in you. The ideal length of nails for me is about 1 inch. After filing your nails, smooth and flatten it out with buffer. It aids in painting smoothly and finishes up to a beautiful sheen.

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Nail Art Designs that will blow your mind

Pictured below are a few easy to design patterns bearing in mind the ongoing summer season.

nail art - tir dye

Elegant  TIE-DYE Nail Art

Take a break from straight lines and try this cute stripes tie-dye manicure instead.

watermelon nail art


Charm your friends a little with watermelons this summer.

nail art - block colour


Try wild and different shades of nail paints to brighten your summers.

PALM TREES - A unique nail art

PALM TREES – A unique nail art

Use a delicate pastel base color and make your purple palm tree look sophisticated and elegant.

To start painting, give your nails a good base coat enriched with Vitamin E and other oils to nourish and protect your nails from the possible harmful effects of the chemicals in nail paint. It also helps in prolonging the paint. Now begin your nail art on top of the base coat. Dip your brush in nail color and paint your required particular design on your nails slowly and calmly. Make sure you don’t create a mess. You can use various tools and accessories such as stamps, dotting tools, striking brushes, tapes, studs etc. depending on the kind of design you are opting for. For final finishing touches, apply a top coat on your nails, which can be matte or glossy as per your personal preference. Now let it all dry in absolute completeness and voila! You are free and ready to flaunt your gorgeous nails.

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The only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying. Other than that, watch out 😉