Once again I’ve come up with some great nail art tutorial suggestions like “How to do stylish nail art for different occasions” Which is very simple & amazing? Painting your nails exactly like a master nail art, it’s kinda tricky but most important is to care your nails properly – Keep fingernails dry and clean, this prevents bacteria from growing under your fingernails and keeps it fresh for long time. Buy all the essential nail art tools to create great funky and vibrant nail arts.

Girly Nail Art Presentation

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As all the pretty girls know that hands are the prettiest way to look presentable and vibrant at the same time, like most of the funky girls are always in search of having some vibrant +creative and stylish nail art for their pretty pinky hands. Today I’m going to show up with some great nail art tutorials for your next funky party, birthday party, wedding party or any other party which required to paint nails amazingly to look super sensational and stunning in a crowed.

SIMPLE & EASY TIP: For creative and easy nail art always paint your nail with BASE first to protect your nails which will give it a fine thick posture with polished signs. Then use mix pop of colors to paint nails like stylish girly nail art. Further you can use bobby pin for more dotted postures.

Find more nail art important kit essentials here:

Follow these all nail art suggestions for your coming occasions and look lavishly vibrant with great color combinations and classic sophistication in you;

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Birthday Party Girly Nail Art!

Paint your nails exactly like the CAKES and CUPCAKES, make yourself more cute and different in your birthday party by painting your nails with cute light colors or any color that matches your birthday cake and portrays your nails like a piece of stylish nail art with some great yummy taste feels. Cakes nail art is cute BTW <3

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Wedding party Girly Nail Art!

Wedding is every girl’s dream day for which she plans from her beginning. Here get some great tips to paint amazing patterns on your nail in a great nail art way. Examine your wedding day jacquard gown carefully try to paint it on some papers and then finally draw the patterns on your nails use some glitters to give it a glamour touch and enjoy the matching nails for your big day! Because nail art is important for your nails to look same as your cloth.

Funky Party Girly Nail Art!

And yes last but not the least FUNKY NAIL ART – how can we forget to add some great pop of colors being a youthful part of our age. Dress up in cute fresh colors and never forget to paint your nails to give yourself a final colorful touch.

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