Living healthy is the necessity of our lives. If we do not live healthy we are going to end up being unhealthy and have to undergo lots of tedious medical processes and medication. In the youth everyone is active but the real deal is to be healthy and active even in the old age and that is only possible if we live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will lead you to have a healthy old age. So we must start living healthy right now.

start living healthy now

When we say start living healthy now it means now. There is no time to waste. Life is short and precious. Why waste even a day. Life healthy now to have a medication free later life. This is the rule of thumb that everyone must follow.

So how can we start living healthy right now? In this article we are going to share some basic rules that we must follow in order to lead a healthy and active life. Follow these rules and get the best results. You will start to feel the difference right away. So here is the list of things that you must start doing in order to start living healthy.

Start living healthy now In Simple Steps

1 – Eat Smart

start living healthy now

Eating smart is the best way to start a healthy lifestyle. What we eat will ultimately make or break us. So it is best to eat what is healthy and best for us. Reduce oil, salts, spices and sugar from your diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less carbohydrates. Do not leave the carbohydrates all together. A balanced diet is always the best approach to stay healthy. Eating one type of foods and not eating everything is bad. We must eat in moderation but we should eat variety of foods. This will help us in keeping fit and our body healthy.

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Starvation for losing weight is the most unhealthy form of dieting as ever. The weight lost because of starvation will come back as soon as you start eating again. The best way to lose weight is to eat a variety of food in moderation. You can have 5 meals a day but do portion control. Take small quantity of food and exclude processed food from your diet.

2 – Have an active lifestyle

start living healthy now

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance and essentially of exercise and activity. If you have a lethargic and lazy lifestyle, you must change it at all costs. Put some activity in your life. Move around more than usual. Here are some easy tips to add motion in your daily life.

  • Take stairs instead of elevators. When you are going down you can easily take ten flights of stairs and if you are going up five flight of stairs can be easily climbed.
  • When you need to go to places near your home, take a walk instead of the car or taxi. For example going for a cup of coffee or to buy eggs and bread.
  • Avoid online shopping whenever you can. Shopping is a good excuse to be mobile.
  • Try to cook at home instead of ordering from outside. Not only the food will be healthier but also you will be active in the process.
  • Do chores around the house like dusting and cleaning instead of hiring domestic help to do it.
  • In the office do not sit on the chair all the time. Try to take short walks in the tea break and definitely in the lunch hour.

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After making these small changes you will realize what wonderful changes it can bring to you and to your body.

3 – Exercise and Yoga

start living healthy now

Yoga and exercise are great way to have an active life. If you want to start living healthy you must incorporate some form of exercise in your life. If you have not ever done regular exercise the beat thing is to join regular classes. This will help in making you develop the habit of exercise. You can also join an exercise group to work out that is great as you can get motivation to keep on doing the good work. Yoga is also an immensely popular and effective work out strategy. It can make you fit and smart within weeks. It is an extremely healthy activity.

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4 – Having a Creative hobby

start living healthy now

Having a good creative hobby is also a great way to remain healthy. Indulge in activities like gardening or nature walks. Gardening makes you occupied in a healthy regime. Keeping near to nature is a great way to remain fit and healthy. There are a number of other healthy hobbies too. You can do swimming, horseback riding, squash, badminton and any other game that will make you physically sharp and active.

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There are other types of physical activities too that can make you mentally active too like painting, drawing, coloring and sketching. These activities are great to give you a positive mental aura about everything. Your mind will be more receptive and open to good and positive thoughts and keep away from all kinds of negativities. Having a creative hobby that is physically and mentally indulging is good for you in many ways. So do try to find something that you really enjoy and indulge all your free time in it.

start living healthy now

These are the basics through which you can start living healthy. If you want to start living healthy now, you must start taking these small steps now. Do not linger on or think that you can delay the work to some other day. It is the time to do the things now and it must be done now.

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What is your regime for a healthy life? Or do you plan to start a healthy lifestyle right now? Let us know by commenting below.