Having a healthy lifestyle is not a matter of choice anymore. It is a necessity. It is something that we all must strive to achieve. Everyone can have a healthy lifestyle. All they need is a bit of motivation and self-control. It is easier said than done. In fact millions of people around the globe try to do this but most of them fail. Of course there are a number of success stories also that we see all around us and that make us long to be one of them. Motivational tips for a healthy lifestyle is an article that will try to make you one of the successful ones.

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 Here are some great and helpful motivational tips that can help you maintaining and adhering to a healthy and lifestyle routine and regime. You can try them but not as it is, in fact you can add your own goals and lifestyles options to the list just make sure they are healthy.

Determine what a healthy lifestyle is for you

For the very first, determine what a healthy lifestyle in your opinion is. If your goals are clear only then can you strive to achieve them. So instead of starting to work hard, first put in a little effort and make your goals. For some people 10 minutes’ walk is enough for a healthy lifestyle, on the other hand some might like to indulge in a ful fledged cardio routine of a couple of hours. Do not be too hard on yourself in the beginning and also do not be too lax. Be honest with yourself. You know what is best for your body and plan to do it exactly. Just remember lifestyle includes everything. So it will include eating habits, exercise routine, work habits, the amount of time of sleep, the time you spend in front of screens etc. So in order to move towards a healthy living style you have to bring changes in all your activities that constitute your day.

healthy lifestyle

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Why do you want to have a healthy lifestyle?

After what the next question always is why, so ask yourself why you want to go through all the trouble. You must be clear in your mind about why you are taking the step. It is a very long journey to completely change your lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle so it is better that you have set in your mind what gain are you going to have. Write down a list of pros and have it taped somewhere visible. If you are constantly aware of the good things that you will have for going through all the hassle you will have motivation to do more and more for achieving your goal of getting a healthy lifestyle.

healthy lifestyle

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Start in small steps               

You cannot completely turn around your lifestyle in a day. You can start by taking small steps. Start walking for 10 minutes first. Then increase the time interval to twenty and then thirty minutes. Once the routine for walking is set then you can adjust the time limit according to your physical needs. Same is the case with other parts of your day. If you smoke a lot, cut down your habit to half and then quarter and then leave it completely.

healthy lifestyle

List down all the bad habits that you want to remove from your life as well as the good habits that you want to adopt and then as little by little you cut on the bad habits, start incorporating the good habits in your lifestyle to get the perfect and healthy lifestyle in the end.

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Increase physical activity

In todays world the lifestyles have increasingly become sedentary. Try to move around as much as you can with conscious effort in the beginning till it becomes your nature. Take stairs instead of elevators. If you have to go somewhere within fifteen minutes walk, then ditch the car and walk to the place. Try to go to shopping instead of shopping online to give yourself exercise too. Try to move around in the house. Do small chores like cook often instead of ordering food. Iron your clothes instead of sending the clothes to laundry. Having an active lifestyle will do wonders for you and you will start feeling better and active without any extra effort.

healthy lifestyle

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Limit the screen time

It is the dilemma of modern age. We sit in front of screens for a long time be it television, laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Earlier people killed leisure by indulging in activities like gardening, site seeing or by playing a sport however now because of e-life there is no time for other physical activities. Although in order to remain up to date, one cannot cut down completely from the screens but it is good that we limit the screen time. Decide firmly that everyday you can have an hour or so of the screen time and not more. When you have decided it then stick to it. you will find there are so many other useful stuff that you can do once you disengage yourselves from wasting time in front of screens.

Spend time with family and friends

Spending quality time with friends and family is a great way to a healthy lifestyle. This activity relaxes your mind and makes you open for new ideas. One learn from people more than from books and machines. That is why spending time with friends, family and other people is much important part of our daily routines. Make a rule from early age the family time is must for all to adhere to.

healthy lifestyle

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Watch out what you are eating

Now we come to the most important part of the healthy lifestyle. It is watching out what we are going to eat. You can eat a lot if you eat healthy. There is never a need to starve yourself to get a fit body. In fact it is bad for your health. The best thing is to have a healthy balanced diet. Cut down on fried foods and junk. Say good bye to fizzy drinks and fast food. Eat food that is full of nutrition and fiber that is good for your body. Eating healthy is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle.

healthy lifestyle

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Indulge in some creative activity

Doing something creative is a big morale booster. Always keep you a healthy and creative hobby at hand and indulge in it regularly. Once you have a hobby that you enjoy it will keep you happy and satisfied. IT can be painting, coloring, gardening, reading etc.

healthy lifestyle

These are some steps that you can take in order to ensure you have healthy life style.