Scientifically, oily skin is supposed to be good. Normal and dry skin ages faster than oily skin. In fact, dry skin is referred to as aging skin in Kora and China. But, this brings little comfort to people with oily skin. Oily skin is usually acne prone. Once you get acne, you get acne scars and marks too. In short, oily skin seems like an enemy of flawless skin. Ladies and gentlemen want nothing more than a fresh, flawless face these days. To achieve a flawless looking skin, you must keep oily skin under control. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. As you know, nothing is impossible. We have compiled a list of things you can do to keep oily skin under control this summer. Read on to find out how!

Keep Oily Skin Under Control

Avoid Over Cleansingkeep oily skin under control

When our skin is oily, we tend to wash it more often than we need to. This is a big mistake. You cannot just wash away all that oil! When you overwash your face, you strip your skin of its natural oils. When this happens, your skin produces more oil than it usually does to compensate. Your skin ends up over compensating when you over wash your wash. Over washing is counterproductive and will do more harm than good. Avoid buying cleansers with harsh chemicals. Look for lighter formulas with gentle ingredients. Do not wash your face more than twice a day. Look for cleansers that have beneficial ingredients such as tea tree oil. Make sure you always take off your makeup before using a cleanser.

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People with oily skin tend to avoid moisturizers to keep oily skin under control. They think moisturizers will make their skin look greasy. This is not true. Oily skin is basically a skin that is dry from the inside. When your skin lacks hydration, it produces oil. If you moisturize your skin, it will get the hydration it needs and normalize oil production. So, moisturizers will actually help you keep oily skin under control. Look for oil free moisturizers. These will hydrate your skin without making it oily and greasy. Let your moisturizer soak in before applying makeup.

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Milk of Magnesiamilk of magnesia primer

Milk of Magnesia is a laxative which is great for keeping oily skin in check. It absorbs oil on your skin. It can be used as a primer. You can use it before applying foundation to stop the foundation from clogging your pores. To use Milk of Magnesia, simply moisturize your face. After that, blot MoM on your skin. You can also rub it in gently. Leave it for some time to let it set before applying foundation. A word of caution: reserve Milk of Magnesia for special occasions only. Do not use it regularly as it can make your skin dry and lead to breakouts.

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Primerprimer for skin

Primer is used to prep your skin before the application of makeup. Your makeup will go on more smoothly after you apply a primer. Look for a mattifying primer to keep oily skin under control. It will make your skin silky, smooth, and poreless. Try to look for primers with silica. Silica will help keep oiliness at bay.

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Avoid Dairyquit dairy

Some people display a negative response to dairy. This is because dairy can mess up your hormones. Milk is full of hormones, When you drink milk, it causes your hormones to rise, including testosterone and progesterone levels. This leads to the over production of oil. Replace your regular milk with almond milk, which is now easily available in the markets. To test if you are allergic to dairy, try giving it up for 2 weeks and see how your skin reacts. If you suspect milk was the culprit, switch to almond milk. Also, remember that it is ok to have airy once in a while even if you think it is not good for your skin. This is because it is ok to enjoy ourselves once in a while without worrying about the consequences. Else, continue enjoying dairy.

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Steer Clear Of Alcohol

Alcohol is the number one enemy of an oily skin. Alcohol heats up your body and increases your body temperature. This makes you sweat more. All this can lead to excess oil, clogged pores, and lead to breakouts. So the next time you are out, resist the urge to have alcohol. Alcohol has nothing good to offer for your body or your skin. Steer clear of alcohol at all times. Your skin and your body will thank you.

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Use A Blotting Paperblotting sheets

Blotting papers are great to keep oily skin under control. During summers, our skins get a little bit more oil than usual. Keep blotting papers with you so that you can blot your face throughout the day. This will keep your skin matte and fresh. There are many blotting sheets available in the market, and most are highly affordable. Another great tip is to sprinkle a bit of face powder on your blotting paper. This will work great to mattify your skin and keep it looking fresh all day long.

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Bake Your Facehow to bake face

Baking your face means using a powder on your face after you are done with your makeup to help your makeup set. You can also use a Korean beauty hack for baking. Use a lot of powder on your face, and then dip your face in the water! This will give you a matte looking face. This water setting technique actually works.

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Use A Clay Mask

Clay masks ar great for deep cleansing your face and unclogging pores. Clay masks draw out extra oil and calm your skin. Use a clay mask once a week, A good option is using fuller’s earth. Your skin will feel squeaky clean after using a mask because clay masks draw our impurities and dirt from your pores.

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Drink A Lot Of Water

As we mentioned above, oily skin is simply a skin that is dry from the inside. When your skin is dry from the inside, it produces oil to hydrate your skin. Drink water throughout the day to provide your skin with the hydration it needs. Not only does drinking water moisturizes your skin, it also flushes out toxins from your body. When your body is clean from the inside out, it reflects on your skin. If you do not like the taste of water, try fruit infused water.

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Try the tips we have discussed above to keep oily skin under control. Little steps taken daily will help you keep your skin matte. Do not look for short terms solution to keep oily skin under control as these do not work. Little things, done daily, will go a long way. It is a good idea to use products according to your skin type. This is because good products are made with keeping the needs of different skin types in mind. For instance, a product aimed for dry skin might have highly moisturizing ingredients that an oily skin does not need. For oily skin, products containing retinol and tea tree oil are usually good. Next time when you are out shopping, make sure you know what you are buying!

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What are some of the most effective ways to keep oily skin under control? Let us know by commenting below!

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