We all often hear things like don’t eat this or don’t try that, as it has lots of calories in it, for a lot of food items. But believe it or not there are some foods that you can eat as much as you can without having to worry about gaining weight. Although there is nothing as 0 calorie foods but there are low calorie foods that a metabolism boosters also and consuming them as much as you can, will only give you a lot of health benefits and no weight gain.

How is that even possible you might ask? Well it might be because of one of the following reasons.

  • The food item is mostly made up of water.
  • It is a fiber rich food like many fruits that you be good for the body and will not make you gain weight.
  • It is a naturally low calorie food.

So rejoice, even when you are on a very strict diet, try one of these foods to nip your craving, feel full and healthy.

Low Calorie Foods


We all know that celery is an extremely healthy food. It is 95 percent water, so you can consume it all you want without feeling guilty. Even on the strictest diets, celery is permissible to eat. It is a rich source of anti oxidents and beneficial enzymes. It has a large number of vitamins and minerals like potassium, folate, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin B6.

It must be consumed as it is in order to have the minimum weight gain from celery. Otherwise it does feel delicious combined with crunchy peanut butter or low fat garlic butter. Here are more wonderful benefits of eating celery.

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low calorie foods


While some people might not have liked the first item on our list, saying it is not that rich in taste in order to be enjoyed alone, there is no such excuse as far as blueberries are concerned. These tiny berries have explosive taste and they are delicious and soothing in all situations.

You can eat blueberries with whole wheat pancakes to make a healthy meal. You can snack on blueberries when you are on a diet without having to feel guilty about eating them. Blueberries have fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and phytonutrient. The blueberries also help in fighting heart diseases by lowering the cholesterol in the blood.

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Here are some more benefits of blueberries

low calorie foods


Top most among the low calorie foods, cucumbers are tasty as well as healthy. Cucumbers are great for your skin too. Cucumbers will make your cool and calm, thus it is especially good to eat them in the summer season. Cucumbers fight cancer. Put pieces of cucumbers on tired eyes and see the magic. It has beneficial minerals like magnesium and potassium. It is considered as a cancer fighting food. It is mostly made up of water so it is considered as the low calorie food. Cucumbers dipped in vinegar and sprinkled with black pepper and salt make a great snack. Here are still more reasons why you must eat cucumbers.

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low calorie foods


It is another very healthy and delicious food. It has only 33 calories per serving and makes a great food. It is rich in vitamins. It is a rich and concentrated source of vitamin C. It also has dietary fiber, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese, phosphorus, choline, vitamin B1, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), potassium and copper. And if that was not enough it also contains vitamin B1, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, zinc, calcium, iron, niacin and selenium.

So you can see there are so many health benefits of broccoli that it is difficult to ignore this one. It tastes good eaten with cottage cheese and seasonings. You can also make a broccoli soup.

Here are some more benefits of super food broccoli.

low calorie foods


It might not be the king of good taste but it definitely is the king of super foods. It is rich in so many minerals and vitamins. It has a lot of vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese, and copper. It is also a very good source of vitamin B6, fiber,calcium, potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin B2; and iron,magnesium vitamin B1, omega-3 fats, phosphorus, protein, folate, and vitamin B3.

You can mix it up with honey or make a cheesy kale soup. Remember it has so mant health benefits that it is great to have it at least once a week. It is good for you skin too.

low calorie foods

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A rich source of vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin A, tomatoes have taste as well as lot of nutrients. Fresh tomatoes are so delicious they can be eaten as it is. you can combine tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli and other healthy foods and make delicious vegetable salad with them. Add salt and pepper as well as a dash of thyme or paprika. You can add olives and cottage cheese for extra taste and to complete the nutritious salad.

low calorie foods

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Talk about combination of taste and healthfulness. Watermelons are delicious and juicy. They are full of nutrients too. It is 92 percent water so there is no danger of gaining weight when you eat watermelons. It is among the top low calorie foods and would be great to eat whenever you want something sweet as a snack. Eating watermelons as a snack is a great way to keep yourself form gaining any extra pounds.

low calorie foods


Another great healthy low calorie foods are the strawberries. Strawberries are delicious, juicy and succulent. They are excellent anti oxidents. They are little but have a large amount of nutrients that include folate, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, and magnesium. It is also extremely high in vitamin C. Yes these tiny strawberries have an incredible taste as well as amazing health benefits.

low calorie foods


You might not believe it but it is true, cauliflowers have just 25 calories per serving. Well what an amazing addition to our list of low calorie foods. Looking at the bulky vegetable it might be difficult to comprehend that it is such a low calorie foods. Here are some great health benefits of cauliflowers besides being the king among the low calorie foods.

low calorie foods

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Here is our amazing list of great low calorie foods. You can eat them as much as you like without the fear of gaining tons of weight. So happy eating.