While beauty can’t be defined, there is something we all can agree on: a flawless skin and thick, voluminous hair look good on everyone. The beauty industry is filled with products that claim to make your skin flawless and beautiful. They beauty aisles in super markets contain thousands of products that promise to make your hair voluminous and silky. These products often cost a lot. A lot of people even get surgical procedures done. Basically, the beauty industry is a billion dollar business. But, ever wondered, do you really need to spend all that money? In ancient times, people used the most basic of ingredients to look beautiful. The good thing is that you can use kitchen products to look beautiful. Read o to find out how!

Kitchen Products To Look Beautiful

Turmerickitchen beauty

Turmeric is a spice that is widely used in Asia. Most Asia cuisines are incomplete without turmeric. Not only does turmeric give a good taste to food, it also has many health benefits. In fact, people recovering from injuries are given hot turmeric milk to speed up the healing process. In short, the humble turmeric is in fact very powerful. Turmeric is one of the kitchens products to look beautiful. Do you know that brides in the sub continent use turmeric face masks prior to their weddings to look glowing and radiant on their big day? Turmeric can be used to fight blemishes, and keep your complexion glowing, radiant, and healthy. Turmeric is also used to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is pretty popular right now. People claim to use it for all sort of things from cooking food to oil pulling. Coconut oil is great for dry skin. Use it in winter months to keep your skin hydrated. However, if you have acne prone skin, I advise you to not use it on your skin. Coconut oil can also be used as a makeup remover. Coconut oil is also used in oil cleansing blends to deep cleanse skin. Apart from that, coconut oil also has many hair benefits. If your hair is weak and lifeless, try coconut oil to infuse life in your hair and make it silky and gorgeous.

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Lemonlemon beauty uses

Lemon is bursting with vitamin C. This is why lemon is great for getting rid of discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Not only can lemon be used on your skin, you can also use it lighten your lips. Lemon can also be used to add shine to hair. Lemon peels can be dried and ground and used as a scrub. Apart from that, drinking lemon water also has many beauty benefits. In short, lemon is one of the best kitchen products to look beautiful!

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Aspirin is not just for headaches. You can use aspirin to calm down acne. It is particularly good for those times when you need to calm down a pimple. Aspirin dries out acne as it has salicylic acid. Simply take an aspirin and add a little water to make a paste. Make sure the paste is not too runny. Use it as a spot treatment. Wash it off after  15 minutes. If your skin is sensitive, add some honey to the paste too.

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Potatoespotato beauty uses

The humble potato also has many beauty benefits. Potato juice is great for getting rid of unwanted tan. Potato juice can also be used to get rid of discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Apart from that, you can slice potatoes thinly and place them on your eyes to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. You can even use potato peels to beautify yourself. Simply boil some potato peels in water for five minutes. Let the mixture cool. Put the liquid in a sprayer bottle. Spray it on your white strands to make them black!

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Honey is one of nature’s best-kept secrets. Consume honey daily to remain healthy and fit. Honey can be used as a face wash too. Honey is antibacterial. Honey can also be used as a moisturizing face mask. Honey can even be used as a hair mask to moisturize hair and treat dandruff. Apart from that, you can use honey to moisturize your lips. Honey can also be used to treat burns. Honey one of the must have kitchen products to look beautiful.

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Apple Cider Vinegaracv beauty

Apple cider vinegar is pretty popular amongst beauty junkies. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) serves a lot of purposes. ACV can be drunk with water to help with weight loss and keep skin clear. Apart from that, ACV can be diluted with water to make a skin toner. This toner is great for keeping skin fresh and keeping acne at bay. Apart from that, ACV is also used as a hair rinse to keep hair shiny and soft.

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Cinnamon is great for the treatment of acne. Make a paste by mixing ground cinnamon and honey. Use it as a spot treatment. It will dry out the pimple.

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Skin care and hair care doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. You can use simple, everyday kitchen products for beauty. In fact, kitchen products sometimes work better than expensive products. So, the next time around you are about to shell some bucks, ask yourself: is the replacement for the product you are about to but lying in your kitchen?

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Share your favorite kitchen products to look beautiful with us in the comments below!

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