Beards are all the rage these days. All men young and old are growing a beard choosing one of the many trending beard styles. The ruggedly and hairy face is the new in thing. There are many reasons why beards are so popular. One thing is that it provides a big change to your face in fact to your whole personality. If you are bored with having one same clean shaven look, having a beard is a great way to have a drastic change.

There are so many options in beard styles. Beards have become a full art and fashion statement nowadays. There are beard styles for all kinds of occasions in fact. Either you can opt for a wild ruggedly look with a short stubble that you do not shape and prune or you can choose one of the beard styles from the current hot favorites.

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Beard Styles Tips

There are many things on which depend the type of beard style that you can choose. Here are some beard styles tips.

  • Some guys naturally have greater facial hair growth and some have less. Choose a beard style according to your own facial hair quantity. No need to try to achieve what you cannot.
  • If you are getting ready for an important event and want to try a new beard style, it is best to go to a stylist. A beard style might look simple and easy to make but it is usually quite tricky to get the exact perfect finish so professional help is recommended for formal occasions.
  • The main thing about any beard style is to have quality among both sides. Make sure your side burns, beard shape and edges are exactly the same on both sides.
  • Dye the beard for formal occasions. Having white or grey specks will give you a very untidy and casual look.
  • While dying beard hair use the same color as your head hair.
  • The most important point is cleanliness and hygiene. It is very difficult to keep the thick beard clean and hygienic.
  • wash all your beard properly after every time you eat. While taking a shower give special attention to your beard hair. Remember if your beard smell, you would seem horrendous.
  • Use a special separate comb for your beard hair.
  • Use scents to give your beard hair nice and fruity perfume.

Here are some top beard styles of men popular all around the world. Check them out and choose whichever you would like to have.

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The Balbo Style

Rated as the top beard style this year Balbo beard style. You have work a bit harder in order to get a Balbo styled beard as compared to normal beards. First you have to have a full grown beards. On the full beard is there them you shave off the parts that are not required. As the shape is pretty unique so it would not do if you let only the hair in the beard area grow and leave all the other parts.

beard styles

The famous celebrity Robert Downey Jr. supports a Balbo beard and it has become his signature look. The most suitable face cut for this beard style is people having a narrow chin. As most of the hair is along the chin so people with narrow chin are more suitable for this beard style.

beard styles

Bandholz Beard Style

This beard style has been named after the famous Eric Bandholz the founder of the beardbrand. He was quite successful in the corporate world until he got this obsession to grow a great beard. He had to quit his job when his beard outgrew the allowable size limit. So he formed the beardbrand. His unique stylish beard style came to be known as the Bandholz beard styles.

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beard styles

If you want to grow a Bandholz beard you much have a thick stubble. Also you must let the hair grow for at least a month or two or maybe more depending upon the rate of facial hair growth for you. According to official guide you must let your hair grow freely for seven months before you can give it a Bandholz shape. To maintain such a dense mane then you must use beard oils, beards shampoos and conditioners. Fortunately you can get it all at the Bandholz beardbrand. In fact the shop as everything related to beards imaginable.

The Stubbles

The stubble is one of the most popular beard styles that is these days. Blockchain casino However there are many beard styles within the stubble style. It can be a short stubble, medium stubble or a long stubble. The good thing about the stubble is that people with all the levels of facial hairs can have it. People with less hair can have a short patchy stubble and those with thick and dense facial hair can have a sleek long stubble.

beard styles

Let us look at the short stubble first. In the short stubble the hair is in the moustache area and on the chin. It will not completely cover the jaw line.

In the medium stubble as the name indicates the hair cover a more of the jawline while in the long stubble the complete jawline is covered in thick hair. However remember stubble means a short and well-trimmed beard.

beard styles

It is easy to grow a stubble however it is difficult to maintain it because every other day you would have to trim it properly and shave the other parts of the face.

beard styles

Van Dyke Beard Styles

This is also a popular beard style. It is also known as the artist’s beard. It’s based on the beard style of 17th century painter Van Dyke and thus the name. It is an extended version of the goatee. However for this beard style too you need to let you facial hair grow for a while before you can shape it into a Van Dyke. Many Hollywood artists wear a Van Dyke beard. As there is little hair in Van Dyke over all, it is easy to maintain and take care of.

beard styles

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Friendly Mutton Chops

Another interesting beard style is the friendly mutton chops. In this beard style you left the chin bare and the moustache area is covered so is the jawline.

beard styles

So it might seem as two elongated mutton chops placed in your face. It is also called the side burns because here the side burns have grown such that they meet with the moustache. It is best for men with a round circular face cut.

beard styles

Full Beard

Another trend that has been gaining a lot of popularity in the year 2017, full beard is easy to maintain if you have a healthy facial hair growth. Let the beard grow for about 5 to 6 weeks until it is fully blown up and then trim it around the edges to give it a clean and prim look. You must have a beard comb always handy to comb it properly.

beard styles

Also remember food pieces stuck in the beard are a huge turn off. So make sure you take care of proper hygiene and cleanliness of the beard. So that the beard makes you attractive and animated and not hideous or ugly.

beard styles

So these are some of the top beard styles that are currently in fashion these days. Which beard styles do you prefer if any? And if you do not like wearing a beard share your reasons with us by commenting below.

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