Summers are just around the corner in Pakistan. In fact in some parts of the world summer has already begun. Despite of all the benefits it brings, skin care becomes a big issue in this season as heat brings with it grease and sweat and it is a nightmare for people with oily skin, dry or normal skin alike.

While in winters dryness and lack luster skin were a big problem, in summers acne, clogged pores, blackheads and greasy skin becomes the common complaints. Here we list few skin care habits that you should adopt in order to keep your skin fresh and shinning even in the sultry summer heat.

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  • Cleanliness

Skin care in summers

Cleanliness is the key to prevention of acne and moles. Due to oil and sweat, the pores are clogged causing bacteria to grow and that results in stubborn acne that even when cured leave behind scars. So exfoliate at least once daily. If you have oily skin do it twice once in the day and once in the night. Otherwise once in the morning is must. Use quality products that is suited to your skin type. Do read the ingredients and side effects of the face wash that you buy before using.

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Lemon is a good natural cleansing agent and is an ingredient in many skin care products. To get instant fresh and clean look use mix 2 tablespoon lemon juice in a quarter cup water with a teaspoon of honey and wash your face with it. It will give you glowing skin even in the hottest of day if used four times a week.

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  • Moisturize


Dryness is not just a problem of winters but it is prevalent in summers too. A good moisturizer is essential for skin care. Especially after you exfoliate, use a light moisturizer to avoid dryness. The lips are prone to being cracked and chapped, so keep a chap stick handy and use it even if you do not want to use lipstick all the time.

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  • Eat wisely


Diet will have a direct effect on the skin. Unfortunately the face is the first place that reflects all the negative impacts. Avoid spicy and oily foods in summers for skin care. Deep fried is a big no. Water is your best friend in the summers and despite of one wishing for it drinking too much chilled water is not recommended. Drink cold water but not one that is freezing. There will be wedding season in the summer vacations but just try to avoid the heavy wedding food and sweets in order to look your best in the grand family wedding photo.

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  • Skin care and protection

I cannot emphasize enough on the use of a good sun block for skin care and protection from the UV rays. Apply a thick layer every day before going out and apply after every few hours if your exposure is long and continued. Even if you are allergic to sunblocks use umbrella, sunglasses and caps to avoid as much exposure as you can.

These are some of the tips that you must take in order to have a healthy look in the summer. Let us know what are your secrets to a glowing summer skin.

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