Sunglasses are a major summer accessory. The great variety that is available can make you look trendy and cool. Before every summer all the big brands release big catalogs containing the coolest sunglasses of the season. Sunglasses give a boost to your summer wardrobe. It can accentuate your face features as well as you dress and other accessories. However for that, it is essential that the sunglasses you are wearing suit your face. While a good sunglasses can have an overall nice effect to your personality on the other hand if you pick out wrong sunglasses for yourself then the effect can be disastrous.

The main purpose of wearing sunglasses is to protect the eyes from the sun’s ultra violent rays. Long exposure to the sun’s ultra violent rays can ultimately lead to cataract. Cataract is a condition where the eye lens gets blurred and the vision is impaired. A surgery is done to replace the faulty lens. To protect the eyes from the effect of UV rays sunglasses play an important role. So the sunglasses are not merely a fashion accessory they are a necessity, especially for the people who work in fields where the exposure to sun is inevitable.

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Different types of sunglasses are available suitable to each face cut. Here are some recommended frames for the different face shapes.

First is the oval shaped face. If your face is oval shaped then there you must have a broad forehead with a strong jaw line and a  big chin. The ideal sunglasses for this face type include oval shaped frames. Circular frames are also good for this type of face cut.

The is the heart shaped face. Stay away from aviator glasses or shades because they will only emphasize the shape of your face. You must also remember to avoid semi rimmed glasses, as they will draw attention to the wider part of your face. In the case where you have a complete heart shaped face or almost heart shaped face, avoid glasses that are proportionate to the heart shape. Wear something that will complement the shape not something that will enhance it.

After the heart shaped is the commonly occurring triangle shaped face, in the triangle shape, the forehead and the upper part of the face are wider and broader and the below parts are smaller. So the frames that have been recommended are broader from the bottom narrow from the top.


Then is the round face. The slightly chubby faced people also come under the umbrella of round face. On these faces any shape except the round shape can work fine. Make sure that the rims are very thin. Also avoid very large frames as it will make the rotund face look even bigger.

Then is the petite looking diamond shaped face. The diamond shaped faces are small from the top and the chin and have a very broad jawline and dramatic cheekbones. Look for top-heavy frames, such as semi-rimless frames or frames with detailing on the brow line, Upswept styles like cat eye that emphasize the cheek bones.

These are the top sunglasses from the main designer’s 2017 summer collection. Here is our top favorite list from them.

The spunky tints

All shades in the tints are back in action. Now you only need to match the contrasting color with your outfit or accessories. The wire rimmed tints are the most used these days however many celebrities have been spotted wearing the top rim broad and the rest wire rimmed.

Cat eye shades

The Cat eye shades are the hottest sunglasses design this summer and you will find no shortage of variety in it. So many trendy designs are available. Here are some adorable Cat eyed sunglasses.

The two toned shades

So if the single shaded tints were not enough, here comes the double toned tinted glasses and they are definitely making waves. Although it is very difficult to match them with any outfits but still they look good with almost anything.


The orange and gold hue

Although the tints are all in but somehow the orange and gold hues are very much the favorite of all the big brands. You can catch models wearing them on the ramps. They go well with both dark and light outfits

Adding the sarwoski bling

Add a little bling to your wardrobe and don sarwoski embellished shades. However if you are wearing a heavily sarwoski-ed shades avoid wearing other heavy jewelry items. You do not want to end up being a bedazzled mannequin.

Thick rimmed sunglasses

Okay so thick rimmed are the in thing this year. Wire rimmed are only to be worn it the tints are attractive. Bold colors in the thick rims are appreciated. Dots, lines and other patterns all are working well with thick rims.

Animal prints sunglasses

While talking of thick rims, animals prints on the rims never gets out of fashion. It looks cool and happening and will spice up even the plainest of summer outfits.

The traditional black sunglasses never get old

Of course the black sunglasses are never out of fashion. Even with so many different styles an designs, nothing beats the traditional shades will go with everything you wear and will make you look elegant and beautiful.

The choices are unlimited and you can select you own style. It is an essential summer accessory and you must wear it, how you will carry it out depends upon you.

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Which is your favorite summer sunglasses style? Let us know in the comments section below.

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