People usually fall in love at the first sight. Falling in love at first sight isn’t a bad thing to do. It is just a fact and we all cannot deny it nor control it. But every generation expose there love in there own style. This is age of social media and messengers! And the generation of this age is really unpredictable and immature but they are the only one who have got very unique styles in showing out there love of wisdom 

Love at the first sight - Trending Love of Wisdom - Love at First Sight
You want to have true lover? With wisdom? love with wisdom? love of wisdom? love at first sight? You can easily get it by listening Taher Shah’s song “Eye to eye” where sensational, essential, colorful, exciting eyes meet xD and when they meet then listen his another latest song ANGEL. You will start believing in love at the first sight. You will definitely get your life partner. 😉

This year many girls feel sad. Why? Because they don’t have money? Makeup? Family? Friends? No! they are because there is NO TRUE LOVER in their life? Well why it should be? they are not fairies who fell from the sky and get caught by a super charming prince. We wish it could happen. What we girls want? Just to fall in love at the first sight only. No?



Love at the first sight - Trending Love of Wisdom - Love at First Sight
Well, I do believe in love at first sight it may not happen often but it happens I swear it happens. Well to find the real lover at first sight used to happen in the past. Let me first start the wisdom of love with a pretty good example of Sheikhu, he fell with Anarkali and then he lost his wisdom and then what happened? He cried and then finished up in a packet bori (sack made up of jute). Another example is of Layla and Majnu. Everyone knows about them, Right? And what becomes of them? Layla dies due to heartbreak and Majnu goes crazy and then he dies too. Love ends; wisdom ends. You want me to start on Romeo and Juliet? NO please! These legendary lovebirds did a pretty good logical thinking while falling with wisdom.

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Falling for someone being a phenomenon of today’s world where people are having crushes on celebrities such as movie stars, product models, singers or some dominating personalities who are spreading his/her charm. It has become so useless these days. The believe having a crush on a celebrity who doesn’t even know you, you cannot even talk to them and you start believing he is my true lover, he is my first sigh of love.. from here my wisdom starts and from here my wisdom ends. He is my life blah blah.. They even start dreaming about them. I mean how?

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Let’s talk about some recent incidents occurred in our own country PAKISTAN <3 a guy who bought a bill board just to propose his girlfriend. A man who got his friend killed just because he loves his friend’s girlfriend. We the teenagers of this era believe doing all such stuff will show how much they love. Actually love starts from trusting, from honesty, from sacrificing, from maturity. It isn’t about money or killing your friend for the sake of getting chance to get his Girl friend.

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Well I cannot let you find your true lover it is up to the person’s feelings and emotions that he or she has for someone.

May you all get what you dreamt of! 😉

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