In order to feel good we should always look good. Now a days we might be seeing how women are anxious about their hair styling. They are rushing to parlors in order to have perfect hairs style in any occasion whether they have got farewell party, welcome party wedding or any other event. One feels so happy if one has got the hair styles that one desire.

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We all want to look perfect every time. Right? Whether being at home or going university or attending any party. What is the one thing that makes us to look perfect? Basically, that is our hair styling. Well hairs style can be termed as hairdo too. It refers to how we style our hair. The way we style our hair reflects our personality too. Every day we are judged by so many people like the way we dress, we talk or behave. We usually judge people by their looks. So if I ask that are we judged by the hair styles we do? So the answer is yes. People do judge and long hair vs short hair judgment is not something new in the society.


Here I’ll be discussing how people judge women the way they style their hairs basically what type of hair style depends upon the length of hair one possesses.


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Short hair vs long hair: Having long hair is to be consider as standard of beauty for women. But the world has changed now. The styling concepts have changed a lot. And our thoughts are changed. Now a days women prefer to have short hair rather than long.
From Beyonce to Rihanna to Jennifer Lawrence to Ketty Perry and many other celebrities chopped their hairs. Why? Because short hair styles gives them more bold and powerful look and expose all the features that they possess. Being in professional life one consider to have short hairs rather than long hairs. And this is the age which we call age of feminism.

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hairs style - long hair vs short hair - celebrities in long hairs and short hairs - hair Styles
So many celebrities around us love having short hair and people love to see them in that way but when we girls chopped our hair in that way. We are being judged. Why is that so? And then girls embrace themselves for the negative commenting that people around will do. We girls keep ourselves ready for being degraded by the people! Like; Haww why you cut your hair you used to have so lovely hair? (MY LIFE MY RULES) Men prefer that women should have long hair. So? (I cut it for myself). Oh shit now you cannot make any hair style (None of your business). Long hair makes women to look more beautiful? So? (I am beautiful the way I am) You will not get proposals. Really? (My partner should like me the way I am). Long hair is the proof of your feminist. Like really? (I am still a women).

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Our society has this concept that the beauty of women lies in having long hair style. Society should have this concept that we women look beautiful in making any hair style whether short hair style or long hairs. Stop criticizing and stop judging! long hair vs short hair is a choice only for girls, something not to be judged.
Girls! Do whatever make you feel look good! Cheers 😉

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