Let’s welcome summers 2016 with these ravishing lawn billboards all over the city. Oh wait! The irony is that their main focus is on the respective famous model’s FACE than the actual lawn jora. So, the city bill boards be like: “The luxurious lawn collection is out now” like seriously? It is just a lawn suit. What on earth is so luxurious about it? “Volume 2 is yet to come” Oh please we’ve had enough of your extremely colorful and super expensive volume 1.

“Hamari qoum ki misaal aisi hai, jis cheez k peechay sab bhaagtay hain bas usi k peechay ankhain band kar kay bhagtay chalo”. These lawn fabric exhibitions have become the latest status symbol of the elite of Pakistan. With newer designers joining the lobby every year, the lawn obsession continues to grow at an alarming rate amongst the women particularly in Pakistan. So if you do not wear from one of the designer’s lawn collection you’ll be considered out dated in this society. Why would I pay RS 5000/- for an ordinary lawn dress? Just because it carries a specific designer/brand name it does not mean that it’s something out of the world. Din k akhir mein lawn, lawn he rahay gi.

Recently, I went to a very famous brand here in Pakistan and I was checking out their latest lawn kurti collection. The price range was from 1800-4000 rupees. All what those kurtis had were birds, makeup collection, cross lines, threads and humongous flowers. What a disappointment. Would you really want to waste your money like this? Be realistic and honest for a change ehh!! My mom actually inquired for their designer’s name while we giggled. Have a glimpse of what exactly am I talking about:

Lawn collection hype and the city billboards - lawn print

I do not want to lose my sanity over the lawn craze this season. There’s so much competition in the fashion market and the worst part is it will only increase with the passage of time, obviously by making the women more judgmental and materialistic.

I have no intentions of degrading the designers’ endless efforts and hard work out there or to discourage the women who wants to follow up the famous lawn trend. But please, take it easy. Don’t fill the city billboards like that for heaven sake! We neither want to see the chamka chamki clothes nor the models smiling at us every morning. Literally it all makes me hate the unwanted lawn clothes madness despite of the fact I can afford it. Think about the under privileged people for a change. This city needs to flourish and we have a life ahead of it.

Lastly, do not forget to question yourself. The price you pay, is it even worth it?

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