We all want a clear skin. Unfortunately, it is not so easy for some of use. People with oily or acne prone skin find it hard to maintain a clear skin. According to science, some foods can lead to breakouts. Diet plays a crucial role in your skin health. If you want to have a clear skin, there are some foods that you must avoid.

Foods To Avoid For Clear Skin

Turns out, your granny was right when she said there is a connection between what you eat and your skin. Thankfully, researchers have proved that chocolate doesn’t lead to break outs. But, there are some foods that can lead to breakouts. So, if you want a clear skin, pay close attention to what you eat.

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clear skin
Want clear skin? Then avoid this yummy baked potato

Basically, some of the foods we eat increases the amount of sebum our skin produces. This excess of sebum often leads to break outs. There are some foods that make your blood sugar rise. When your blood sugar rises, your skin becomes oily. A lot of people believe that their diet affects their skin and it is true indeed. It isn’t just greasy foods that causes acne, contrary to popular belief. A diet high in carbs and foods with high glycemic load also leads to acne.

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acne prevention foods
Bagel or clear skin? The choice is yours!

To determine the glycemic load of a food, a person’s blood sugar is monitored after consumption. The blood sugar spikes determine the glycemic load. It is measure on a scale of 1 to 100. Foods that score more than 20 are said to have a high glycemic load. Foods which score less than 10 are said to have a low glycemic load.

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Instant Oatmeal == Instant Blood Sugar Spike!

Now, you must be wondering about the foods with a high carbohydrate content and high glycemic load. Top on the list are baked potato, white bagels, white rice, spaghetti and instant oatmeal. Examples of foods with a low carbohydrate content and low glycemic load include kidney beans, carrots, grapefruits, cashews, and apples.

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AN apple a day, keeps acne away

According to researchers, these things matters because foods with a high carbohydrate content and high glycemic load boost excessive insulin production. This results in an increase in the concentration of a hormone called insulin-like growth factor-1. This results in the release of the androgen hormones and makes your skin produce more oil. When this cycle repeats a lot, you get acne.

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So, can you never enjoy a baked potato again? Of course, you can! Moderation is the key. Try to eat healthy foods at least 80% of the time. Everyone’s skin is different and you need to find out which foods your skin adversely react to.

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