We all want a beautiful, flawless skin and are constantly looking for ways to achieve it. From the multi-step Korean regimen to exfoliation, we are willing to do it all. However, sometimes we don’t achieve the desired results even when we think we are following every trick of the trade. The thing is, not only do you need to follow your skin care routine consistently, you must follow every step correctly. One of the basic steps is cleansing and we all know about it. However, how many of us are doing it correctly? Read on to find out how you should cleanse your skin.

Cleanse Right

Double cleansecleanse

Sometimes when we return home and are too tired, we are tempted to go to bed without cleansing our face properly. However, you must ensure that you cleanse your face properly at the end of the day and remove every inch of oil, makeup, dirt, and grime! To do this, you must double cleanse your face. This means you need to wash your face twice. First of all, remove your makeup. After that, wash away all the residue, dirt, and oil left behind. The second step will ensure that you remove all the toxins and dead cells from your skin. If you do not wash your face properly, dirt, bacteria, and oil will clog your pores and lead to acne and blackheads. You do not need to double cleanse in the morning though. This is because when you go to sleep after double cleansing at night, your face doesn’t accumulate a lot of pollutants and toxins overnight. So, when you wake up, you only need to wash away the excess serum. If you double cleanse twice, you might over dry your skin and make it sensitive.

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Wash With Warm Water

It is a good idea to wash your face with warm water. Do not go for hot water though as it can damage your skin. If the water is too cold, it will shrink your pores and prevent your cleanser from penetrating and cleansing efficiently.

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Rinse thoroughly

You must wash off the cleanser thoroughly. Otherwise, it will make your skin dry and may even lead to breakouts. So, do not be lazy, and rinse thoroughly!

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Dry Properlycleanse

Do not use your towel to dry your face! Towels can be a breeding ground for bacteria and must not be used on the face at all. Let your face dry or use a facial tissue. This will prevent dead skin cells and bacteria from getting retransferred to your face. Your facial skin is very fragile so be gentle with it. Do not rub your face with a towel as it can irritate your skin and lead to wrinkles.

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Moisturize cleanse

After cleansing your face, moisturize it. This is the best time to moisturize your face as the moisturizer will be able to penetrate your face deeply.

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Follow these tips when you cleanse your face and you will be a step closer to the flawless skin of your dreams!

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How do you cleanse your skin? Share your tips with us in the comments below!

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