We all dig clear skin. A clear skin can make you look presentable and healthy. You can easily venture out without makeup. Even if you do apply makeup, it will glide on easily. Unfortunately, clean skin takes works, especially if your skin is oily and blemish prone. But do not despair! Try these dermatologically recommended foods to get a clear and glowing skin!

Foods For Clear Skin


Eat at least one avocado every week. They give you healthy monounsaturated fats which maintain cell membranes, thereby helping skin stay smooth, soft, and hydrated. They are also rich in phytochemicals that are strong antioxidants which protect your skin from damage, and also vitamins and minerals which help skin repair damage.avocado for clear skin


Consume ground flaxseeds and flaxseed oil regularly. Flaxseeds have lignans—which is plant compounds that perform like omega-3 fatty acids to ward off acne-related inflammation and keep skin hydrated. They are also helpful in treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Flaxseed oil can also help with constipation. This ensures that all the waste and toxins are regularly flushed out of your body.foods for clear skin


If hyperpigmentation and sunspots bother you, try to eat minimally processed soyfoods (such as tofu, tempeh, and miso) 2 to 5 times a week. Soy has phytoestrogenic compounds named isoflavones. They improve cell metabolism, which helps skin look brighter and more evn toned.


Chocolate lovers rejoice! Chocolate is actually good for your skin. Cocoa has flavanols which have been reported to improve skin texture and thickness. They also fight dryness as they prevent water loss at the skin’s surface. The flavanols in cocoa improve blood circulation, too. Nutrients and oxygen are easily and efficiently transported to the skin It is better to go for dark chocolates. Do not go for milky, sugar ones, as they can actually be bad for your skin.


Take freshly peeled grapefruit with dinner and lunch. Grapefruit has the most vitamin C when compared with other citrus fruits. Vitamin C is required to produce collagen, which keeps your skin even and healthy. Grapefruit also has a low glycemic index, so it does not spike your blood sugar level. Steady blood sugar reduces down glycation, which is a natural aging process that destroys collagen.

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Try to eat almonds every day for breakfast with yogurt. Almonds are anti-inflammatory, and the probiotics in yogurt can help against acne and eczema. Almonds are also full of vitamin E, which is necessary for repairing skin and keeping it young and healthy. If you find it hard to digest almonds, soak them in water overnight before eating the next day. This will make almonds more digestible. almonds for skin


Salmons are rich in antioxidants which calm inflammation. They have free fatty acids which serve as building blocks for healthy skin cells. Our bodies do not have the ability to produce the fatty acids, so consuming them helps enhance your skin’s barrier, keeps your skin hydrated, and protects from irritants. It is better to eat a wild salmon rather than a farm-raised one for moreomega-3s.

salmon for clear skin


The high amount of water in watermelon can reduce the water retention which leads to puffiness around your eyes. Watermelon is also low in sugar when compared to other fruits, so you do not have to worry about glycation, which is the chemical reaction which damages collagen and gives you lines and wrinkles.foods for clear skin


Tomatoes have lycopene, which is a potent antioxidant that protects skin from UV damage. A study in the British Journal of Dermatology found that participants who ate 5 tablespoons of tomato paste every day had 33% more protection against sun damage than the control group.


Carrots are orange because of high levels of beta-carotene, which is required for vitamin A. Vitamin A is the main active ingredient in Retin-A. VitaminA decreases oil production in the skin, thus keeping acne at bay. Vitamin A may also improve psoriasis.

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Walnuts boost collagen production because they are so high in omega-3 fatty acids. Collagen is a protein which helps improve the elasticity of skin, prevent sagging and make your skin plump and youthful. Omega-3 also reduces stress and decrease the risk of heart diseases. walnuts


Kale is rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that promotes healthy skin cell turnover. Vitamin A is also the main ingredient in Retin-A, which is a medicine used to treat acne. Apply kale topically helps reduce the visibility of bruises, scars, stretch marks, and spider veins.kale

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The amino acids which are found in foods full of protein like meat or eggs are required for collagen production. Do not go overboard with protein though. Just eat enough to ensure your daily protein requirements are met. An excess of protein can be bad for your health.


Milk does not only provide you calcium, but it is also a great source of vitamin D. If you get your Vitamin D from dietary sources, you will not have to go in the sun to get vitamin D. This will protect you from wrinkles and fine lines. Some people react unfavorably to milk, so if you are allergic too, take vitamin D supplements instead. A 3-ounce serving of wild salmon/mackerel can fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin D! The best Australian online casino – https://i-casinos.net/casino/fair-go-casino/ A cup of mushrooms can fulfill 20% of the daily vitamin D requirement. 3 eggs can also fulfill 20% of the daily requirement.


Yellow and green bell peppers are full of carotenoids, which is an antioxidant that reduces sun sensitivity, thereby diminishing the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. Daily intake of vitamin C can brighten up your skin and slow down the ageing process. Vitamin C is also required for collagen production. pepper for clear skinAlso Read: Health And Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Make these dermatologically recommended foods a part of your daily diet. If you stick with a healthy diet, your skin condition will gradually improve. Stay away from unhealthy, processed, fried, and sugary food.

Which food do you swear by for a healthy skin? Let us know in the comments below!


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