Who doesn’t hate dark circles? They make you look tired and exhausted. They can impact your whole look. The good news is that you can get rid of dark circles. People belonging to certain ethnicities are more prone to having dark circles than others. Other factors that affect dark circles are a poor diet, smoking, dehydration, excess of salt, alcohol, and stress. The presence of dark circles also reflect poor blood circulation. Poor circulation makes blood accumulate and it is more visible around our eyes as that area is much thinner. No matter what the reason behind your dark circles are, here are some tips to get rid of dark circles:

Tips To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Potatoget rid of dark circles

This one is perhaps the most popular remedy to get rid of dark circles, and for all the right reasons! Potatoes really do work and the great thing is that they aren’t expensive and available in nearly every household. Potatoes have vitamin A,  vitamin C, and starch which are all great for dark circles. Vitamin C is great for brightening. Potato works like a bleach. You can either juice  a potato and apply it around your eye areas or simple cut pepperoni thin potato slices and place it on your eyes. To make this even more effective, add some honey to your potato juice. Honey is very hydrating and nourishing.

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Almond Oil

Almond oil is abundant in vitamin E and vitamin K, both of which are great for your eyes. Vitamin E is great for replenishing skin and vitamin K improves blood clotting. Almond oil also has antioxidants that are inflammatory and are great for reducing puffiness. Apply a few drops of almond oil on your under eye area daily before bed. Use your ring finger and be gentle as the under eye area is very delicate.

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Green Teaget rid of dar circles

Like almond oil, green tea also has a lot of antioxidants. It is very cooling an refreshing. The caffeine in green tea shrinks blood vessels and reduce puffiness. The tannins in green tea restrict blood capillaries. Place chilled green tea bags under your eyes for getting rid of dark circles.

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Try these remedies regularly to get rid of dark circles. Make sure you get proper sleep as sleep deprivation is often the main culprit behind dark circles. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they are very nourishing and hydrate the skin. Make sure you drink an adequate amount of water.

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