Getting proper sleep every night has more benefits than you can count. You must have heard the name beauty sleep many times. It means to have natural beauty it is quintessential that you take proper sleep and follow your biological clock regarding the sleep pattern. Sleeping rejuvenates your mind and your body. It recharges your brain and your mind to work at full speed again. It gives your body a strong recharge too. It relieves stress and tension. You can sleep off many of your problems, and lower down the stress and tension level.

Now that we have briefly described the benefits of sleeping properly, here are top 10 tips that can help you in sleeping better. Do not be misguided by the name beauty sleep and think that it is important for women only. Sleep is equally important for men too. In fact it might be more important for men if they are doing strenuous physical activities.

Tips to get your Beauty Sleep

Early to bed and Early to rise

To have sound sleep it is very important to follow a fixed schedule. Make a fixed bedtime and wake up time. When it is time to sleep leave everything else. In fact start preparing for the bed time an hour before. Leave the activities that over excite or over indulge you like video games, or watching a horror movie. When you go to sleep your mind must be at peace. If your mind is full of thoughts or worries then it will be very be very difficult for you to fall asleep. So keep a schedule that will make it easy for you to go to bed early and then wake up early.

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Do not eat heavy in the night for a sound sleep

Try to take your supper an hour or two before going to bed. After the supper do some physical exercise or go for a walk so that when you go to bed your tummy does not feel heavy and the food that you have consumed is well in the process of digestion. Do not eat spicy or heavy food like fried or oily stuff in the night. Take a balanced meal and then do not eat anything an hour before going to bed.

Switch off the electronics to sleep peacefully

The light blue lights from gadget screen is very disturbing for sleep and bad for health. Make sure your television is switched off before you go to sleep and your gadgets like tablets and laptops are properly shut down. If you want to keep your mobiles open do not keep the mobile under your pillow or on your bed. Put it on the night stand well away from your head to keep away from the harmful radiations as well as to not to be disturbed by messages ringing or vibrating and waking you up from your beauty sleep.

Make sure there is no noise for a restful sleep

Once you are in the bed it is very difficult to get up again so make sure when you are tired and about to go to bed you check that there will be no disturbances. Close the faucets tightly, mute the clocks if you are a light sleeper, close the windows if you live on a busy road. You can use ear plugs to sound proof your beauty sleep.

Do not rely on sleeping pills

Taking sleeping pills is a risky step. Because you get used to them very easily. Then two things can occur. Either you cannot sleep without it or you become immune to it. You do not want either to happen so if you want to take sleeping pills consult a certified physician or a doctor otherwise use natural methods to try to sleep of you are suffering from insomnia. Also never take more than a couple of tablets at a time. A slight overdose can take you the edge of your life.

Foods to avoid in order to have a sound beauty sleep

beauty sleep

Ok there are some foods that take your sleep away. Firstly caffeinated drinks, while coffee in the morning is great for a kickstart, it is not recommended to have it after midday so that you can enjoy a sound sleep in the night. Too much alcohol can dampen your sleep too. Also you wake up with a splitting headache thanks to the hangover. So if you want to have a peaceful sleep avoid too much alcohol at in the evening. Partying on the weekend is ok but there is no need to do it every day otherwise it will affect your sleep pattern adversely.

Also too much sugar can give you a sugar rush and take away your sleep. So if you cannot sleep and want some comfort food ice cream is not a good idea. Warm milk with honey or chamomile tea will be good for you.

And spicy food can give you gas or acidity and make it difficult for you to enjoy a sound sleep at night.

Dim the lights

Dim the lights near the bedtime. The lower lights signal the brain to create melatonin the hormone that brings on the sleep so dim the lights an hour before bedtime. If you want read, then read in the light of a lamp on the bed stand, so the room has the night effect.

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Have a calming bedtime routine

Just as we have mentioned that avoid activities that cause anxiety or excitement before sleep, it is healthy to have a calming activity before going to bed. It can be something like reading a book, listening to soft music, bedtime stories or playing alight game of cards with your kids. Routines are good because it signals the body to prepare for the next move.

Make your bed room peaceful and comfortable

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This is very important. If you want to enjoy a peaceful night of sleep the place where you sleep must be comfortable. Clean up your room before night because you can never feel peaceful in a cluttered environment. Earlier it was advised that there should be no television on the bedroom so the couples can enjoy some family time but now with the tabs and smartphones there is no escaping the screens in the bedrooms. However make it a point that when you enter the bedroom for sleep, do not think about work or stick to your mobile or tab screen. Talking about general day to day things  with your spouse is also relaxing and good pre bedtime routine.

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Comfortable bed, mattress and the pillows

These three are the most important things when you sleep. Sleeping on  a firm comfortable matress is essential otherwise you can get back problems. Stiff pillows can give you’re a stiff neck and any problem with the bed can result in unrestful sleep. So make sure these three things are comfortable when you go buy them. Buy a medicated mattress if you have back problems.

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These are the top 10 tips to get a restful beauty sleep. Do you believe in the importance of restful sleep? Share your views by commenting below.


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