Turns out, your grandma was right. Beauty sleep is extremely important. You must get 8 hours of sleep every night if you want to look your best. Your body performs many repair functions when you are sleeping. When you do not sleep, or do not sleep enough, your body doesn’t get enough time to perform those functions. This can not only make your skin look terrible, but it can also mess up your health and mood. Make sure you get your beauty sleep every nigh if you want to look and feel your best.

Why Is Beauty Sleep So Important?

Your Skin Cells Regenerate When You Sleepbeauty sleep

As mentioned above, your body performs many important tasks when you are asleep. One of those tasks is the regeneration of skin cells. The magic hour is between 11 pm and midnight, so aim to go to bed around 10 pm or 10 30 pm at the most every night. Cell mitosis is at its when during 11 pm and midnight. Cell mitosis is the cell division which repairs and renews skin. This is the time when your cells need nutrients the most their anti-aging effects have the maximum impact at this time. Perhaps this explains why we look so worn out when we don’t sleep enough.

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Your Skin Is More Receptive To Productsbeauty sleep

Since your skin is in the renewal mode when you are asleep, your anti-aging products will work best when you are asleep. They will help your skin cells regenerate and renew. Try to put your most effective skin products at night to reap the maximum benefits. These can include products with glycolic acid and retinols. Retinols should be used at night anyway. This is because the sunlight can break down the active  of retinol and you don’t want that. Using retinol during the day can cause irritation and can make you more sensitive to sun damage. Try not to use glycolic products and retinol at the same time to minimize the chances of irritation. Always apply sun block when going out.

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Skin Loses Moisture At Night

Our skin produces the most sebum at midday. There is less oil production at night time. It is a good idea to apply a moisturizer at night to keep your skin moisturized. You don’t want to lose water from your skin, also called trans epidermal water loss. Try to drink fluids before going to bed to keep your skin moisturized. Since sebum production is low at night, you shouldn’t exhaust yourself further by staying up as this will dehydrate your skin. Get your beauty sleep instead.

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No Sunlightbeauty sleep

Whether you are applying bleaching creams/ hydroquinone or retinoids (tretinoin) to get rid of  brown spots dark spots on the skin, do it before you go to bed. During the day time, when you’re out in the sun, sun light increases the melanin production, that results in darker color and pigment change and reduce the effectiveness of the products you are using. That is why night time is the best time to use these products.

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Skin Temperature Changes At Night

When you are sleeping, your skin becomes more acidic and slightly hotter. This makes your skin a little drier when you are sleeping. This is why it is a good idea to apply some sort of moisturizer before you sleep.

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Beauty Sleep Is A Break From Stressbeauty sleep

When you are peacefully asleep, you are not facing issues which cause cortisol level to rise. Cortisol is the stress hormone. But, if you do not sleep enough, cortisol will show up on your face. When you do not get enough sleep, cortisol level increases and can lead to the inflammation of the skin. This can make your skin look dull and can make your eyes look puffy. It can even cause acne if you have an oily skin. So, always get your beauty sleep.

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Protection From Breakouts

Stress can impact the outer layer of your skin which has the moisture. It can release bacteria too. Stress causes inflammation which often leads to acne. When you are sleeping, you are calm and at peace. You have no stress. There is no inflammation when you sleep. That is why getting adequate sleep is very important if you suffer from acne.

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Environmental Breakbeauty sleep

At night, there’s no no environmental stresses, UV damage, no cigarette smoke, no pollution, no drastic changes in temperature, and you don’t wear makeup. Basically, it i a happy time for your skin. It has more time to rejuvenate and rest at night. So, when you sleep, you skin is getting a break from all the things that negatively impact it.

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Just like diet and hygiene, beauty sleep is crucial for looking your best. Your skin needs a break from everything to repair itself. When you do not get adequate sleep, you do not give your body enough time to regenerate and renew skin. You should not only aim to sleep for 8-9 hours, but also sleep at the right time.

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 Do you believe in the idea of beauty sleep? Let us know in the comments below!

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