You can never drink enough water. It is essential to drink eight to twelve glasses of water daily no matter which season of the year it is. However usually it becomes difficult to consume such a great quantity of water daily. Especially in the autumn or winter season the water consumption is reduced and it becomes a challenge to drink even five to six glasses of water. That is why infused water is such a big blessing.

Making the water infused not only make it interesting and tastier to consume but proper infusion has a great effect on the body also. Water infused with right elements is a great way of complete body detox. Not only the body is cleansed from the inside but as we know water is good for your skin. When we infuse it with lemons, cucumbers, herbs and other fruits and vegetables that are good for you skin, it becomes twofold beneficial.

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What is infused water?

Infusion is the process where you take out the chemical compunds from fruits, vegetables and herbs by keeping them soaked in a solvent for a period of time. The solvent can be water or oil. Infused water is when infusion is done with water as the solvent. Infused water is not only good for health but it is also great for weight loss, skin glow, body hydration or just good taste depending on what ingredients you are using.

Here we are sharing different and delicious ways to prepare infused water. Some combinations are commonly used and some are unique. Remember you can create your own favorite with a fruit and vegetable combination of your choice.

Few tips to remember while making infused water.

  • Always make in a clean and clear container. It is better that the container is transparent so you have a good look at the contents.
  • Use water that is at room temperature or a little cold. Hot water might not make the nutrients get infused with water as you require.
  • You can infuse water at room temperature but after a while put it in the fridge otherwise bacteria might grow within it.
  • Some ingredients infuse quickly like cucumbers, lemons, melon and herbs like mint. While apples, apricots and cinnamon take an over-night soak to get infused. Before you try out an infusion make sure you Google out its infusion properties to know how to get the best results.
  • If you did not drink water within 24 hours, remove the hard ingredients from water and then refrigerate the water.
  • Sieve the water when you pour it in the glass to stop any herbs or seeds come into it. if you have and infusion bottle then it is great.
  • Try to make new combinations and new tastes especially with nutrition rich fruits and vegetables.

Here are ten great recipes to make infused water. You can try out any of them. Be creative and made innovations but just remember only fresh and healthy ingredients.

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Water melon infused water

Although infused water is used after adding two, three or more ingredients in water, but water melon is one such ingredient that can do the job in standalone manner. Water melon is the fruit with highest (92 percent) amount of water in it so it is much easier to infuse it with water. It tastes great and is also amazing for hydration. Water melon is full of nutrients and water infused with water melon will be good for your body.

Pineapple, cucumber and mint

For a simply divine taste, make a pineapple, cucumber aninfused waterd mint infused water drink. Cucumbers and mint both are coolants and would be good for the body in summers. Pineapple will give a wonderful taste as well as a refreshing vibe to the body.

Blueberry, Lemon and Mint

infused water

Lemon and mint bring out the taste in the blueberries very nicely. This drink will give you a clear skin. It can also help in weight loss because both lemon and mint help in weight loss. This drink will be infused rather quickly, no need to put it in the refrigerator overnight. You can start drinking it after two hours of being infused.

Strawberries, lime, mint and cucumbers

infused water

Strawberries give a very strong taste to the water. Combine it with lime and cucumbers, to make it a healthy and refreshing drink. If you are feeling low or tired, this water will give you instant energy to get and work. It is especially great for summers.

Rosemary and Grapefruit

infused water

This infused water has been widely admired and recommended by infused water experts all over the internet. It has a very unique and peculiar taste. Adding rosemary makes this water very healthy too. For this unique taste soak the ingredients overnight to enjoy it fully. You will either love it or not like it at all. However do give it a try.

Orange and blueberries infused water

infused water

This is again a very unique combination. The sweetness of both fruits give this water a taste to die for. Do try this one too. Even if you are not a fan of oranges or strawberries, this infused water will become your favorite instantly

Single ingredient infused water

infused water

You can also make infused water with one single ingredient that is your favorite. If you do not like blends or do not have time to create such intricate combinations, just choose one ingredient that is your favorite and drink it.

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These are some of the best infused water combinations. Do you like infused water? What is your favorite infused water recipe? Let us know by commenting below.


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