Eveline Pure Control SOS Deep Cleansing Face Wash Gel

Looking for a face wash that deep cleanses your face and keeps pimples and blemishes at bay? Look no more! Try Eveline Pure Control SOS Deep Cleansing Face Wash Gel. It is great for keeping your pores clean.

Eveline Pure Control SOS Deep Cleansing Face Wash Gel

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It is a great cleanser for spots and blemishes. It perfectly cleanses skin and unblocks pores. It also mattifies and smoothes your skin. It is highly effective. It has salicyclic acid, hamamelis, and zinc. If you have an oily or acne prone skin, this cleanser is great for you. It cleanses your skin deeply and makes your skin look fresh. One downside is that it has a very medicinal scent. It also dries out skin, probably because of the salysyclic acid. If your skin is very oily and acne prone, you will like this product. It deep cleanses skin and gives it a matte finish. It also helps to keep skin clear. This product is not for you if you have a dry skin.

Keep in mind that acne is usually not causes by the wrong choice of a cleanser alone. Along with using a cleanser that suits you, you must also take care of other thinks. Make sure you avoid processed foods, sugary foods, and oily foods. Try to incorporate fruits and vegetables in your diet. Exercise regularly. Do not use a heavy moisturizer on your face if your skin is acne prone. Also try to drink 3 litres of water every day. And most of all, stick to your skin care regimen.

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