Disney’s live action remake of the 1991 animated classic and massive hit of the same name, beauty and the beast, is being released on 17th March 2017, amid lots of controversies. When the animated beauty and beast was released, it was a massive hit. It was the first animated movie to be nominated for an academy award for the best picture. Although it did not win the academy for best picture, it did win for best original score and best original song. It also won Golden Globe for the best picture becoming the first ever animated movie to accomplish this.

Beauty and the beast

The film boasts an ensemble cast of favorites. With Emma Watson as Belle in the lead, and Dan Stevens playing the beast. Although if you are a Dan Stevens fan, you would be disappointed as he would be covered in thick layers upon layers of makeup for most part of the film. Then there are Ewan Mcgregor (Lumeire), Kevin Kline (Maurice), Josh Gad (Lefou), Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), Luke Evans (Gaston) and Hattie Marohan (Agathe).

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So one controversy surrounded the lead Emma Watson. Apparently her comments about Beyoncé in an interview with wonderland magazine offended Beyoncé fans. She said while commenting on her music video Drunk in Love that she uses her sexuality for empowerment and that is not feminist. There was an outburst from beyhive fans at that time too but it turned into an uproar when recently Emma Watson appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in a supposedly provocative dress.

Emma cleared herself while posting the picture of her interview and her words, highlighted. Looking at her words objectively there does not seem to be anything wrong with her statement and whether Beyoncé fans want to forgive her or not, Beyoncé did clear the air when she arrived on the red carpet with her husband Jay Z and four year old daughter Blue Ivy for the premiere of the beauty and the beast last week. All the cast were star struck by her presence.

However the bigger controversy hit when Disney announced that one of the characters in the movie will be ‘openly gay’ character. Details, that were released later, confirmed that Josh Gad’s character Lefou, will be gay in the movie. While some people are okay with the news, an outrage broke out among the others. Disney which is considered as a family brand and is supposed to turn out G and PG rated stuff this news disconcerted a number of families. This will be the very first time a Disney movie will openly feature a gay character.

Beauty and the beast

The actors are not very happy with the reaction that some people are showing. There are online petitions against the screening of the movie.

“LifeSiteNews’ petition, launched March 2, tells Disney that harmful sexual political agendas have no place in children’s movies. It promptly exceeded its initial goal of 50,000 signatures on the first day.”

It has garnered 114000 signatures according to last news. Another petition is from the One Million Moms and that has now more than 47000 signatures. This shows the extent of people’s trend towards intolerance. Even in a movie they are not ready to accept this little show of diversity.

beauty and the beast

Josh Gad as Lefou

Beauty and the beast, a tale of love

Beauty and the beast, a timeless love story between a beautiful maiden Belle and the Beast. It is based on kids fairy tale, written by a French novelist, Gabrielle Suzanne Barbot De Villeneuve. Belle’s world revolves around books. She loves reading and that is the only enjoyment in her life. When her father is captured by the beast, Belle offers herself to be replaced as the Beast’s prisoner so that his father can get freedom. At first she is terrified of the Beast but slowly she learns that behind the grotesque demeanor there is a good heart. Little does Belle know that the Beast is actually a beautiful prince who have been cursed by an evil witch because of his selfishness. The curse states that prince must learn to love selflessly and earn love in return before a magic rose that has been given by the beast by the witch loses its last petal. Failing to do so will make remain as the beast forever.

Although you must know the whole story, and even those who did not must have learnt it now from the news snippets that have been circulating the net, still I am refraining from giving out any spoilers and letting you guess whether the Beast turned back into prince or was stuck as the Beast forever.

Beauty and the beast

Disney has tried its best to bring the magic of animation on the live action big screen. The beautiful yellow gown that Belle wore in during the dinner with the Beast, has been made to perfection and Emma Watson looks ravishing in it. The beautiful and Oscar winning musical score will be Beauty and the Beast had been the favorite animation movie of many, and its live action remake has been the dream come true for many people. So many people were looking forward to it. When the trailer was released it broke all records within the first 24 hours and garnered more views than any trailer had done in that short amount of time.

The major beauty of the original Beauty and the Beast was its Oscar winning Musical score. In this version, the director Bill Condon planned to keep most of the original songs. However it was later decided to add four new songs too. The newer version of original Beauty and the Beast will be added to the film too, performed by Ariana Grande and John Legend. Celine Dion, who performed the original title track with Peabo Bryson, will also return to perform another new number that will play as the ending credits will roll.

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In the past, it is observed that usually controversies increase the popularity of movies or celebrities. Let’s see whether it happens with Beauty and the Beast or not.

watch the trailer of the movie here

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