Got a thing for rare, beautiful jewels? Well, Sotheby just has what you need! Sotheby is gearing up to sell the most expensive jewels in the world. The jewels are a pair of earnings, which are rare, beautiful, and classy.

The Most Expensive Jewels In The Worldmost expensive jewels

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Auctioneer Sotheby’s has unveiled what is said to be the most valuable and expensive pair of earrings in the world. It is valued at £55 million. The pair is a bit mismatched, made up of 2 odd-coloured diamonds; one Apollo and one Artemis type. It is polished and cut into pear shapes. The Apollo is truly exceptional. It is a 14.54 carat radiant blue diamond. A very low percentage of the stones are in the category ‘Fancy Vivid Blue’. The value Apollo alone is £40 million. When it is paired with Artemis, which is a 16 carat fancy intense pink diamond valued at£14.5 million, it has a class of its own. ‘The Apollo and Artemis Diamonds’ will be the stars of sale in Geneva in May. It is the most important pair of earrings ever offered at auction. The diamonds are very rare and both stones are wonderful. They are breathtaking together, as a pair of earrings. These are diamonds are distinctive and extraordinary. Sotheby will auction them in May.

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Sotheby’ is a British multinational corporation which is headquartered in New York City. It is one of the largest brokers of art, real estate, jewelry, and collectibles, It’s operation is divided into 3 segments: auction, finance, and dealer. Let’s see which lucky (and rich) bidder gets these most expensive jewels in the world. Watch porn in the USA online woodman casting, agentredgirl, chesterkoong, animal crossing porn etc.

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