Who says you need to wait for the new year to have a new and healthy start. Any season can be used as an opportunity to make changes in your life. Summers are particularly great for losing weight as you can no longer hide under sweaters and coats to hide your bulge. You can use this as a motivation to lose weight. Here are some tricks to shed pounds and look your best this seasons.

Tricks To Shed Pounds

Go For A Walk Daily To Shed Poundsshed pounds this summer

Walking is one of the best tricks to shed pounds. Even though walking sounds like a simple activity, it can boost your metabolism and even help you look younger. Make it a daily habit this summer. A study conducted by the Duke University found that going for 30 minutes walk every day can help prevent weight gain in people who have sedentary lives. Make it a goal this summer to go for  a45 minutes walk every day which would be nearly three miles. This will give you a deficit of 300 calories. If you can’t spare 45 minutes to go for a walk, get moving whenever you can. For instance, accompany your kids to the corner shop. You can even set your alarm early to go for a walk before class or work. Another great trick to shed pounds is to listen to your favorite podcast or make phone calls when you go for a walk.

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Eat Seasonal Produce To Shed Pounds This Summertricks to shed pounds

Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables will give you more nutrition, flavor, and variety. Summer produce offers a lot of health benefits. Go to a local farmer’s market and buy some hydrating watermelons or apricots bursting with potassium. These fruits and other summer foods are great for you. One of the tricks to shed pounds this summer is to make a plan to eat some healthy foods. You can look at what is ripe. For instance, you can snack on grapes for a week and you can switch to peaches the next. Planning your meals in advance can help you stick to your weight loss goals. Make sure you make a list before going grocery shopping so you do not forget anything essential.

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Mark Your Calendarpeaches to shed pounds this summer

Summer is nearly 90 days long. It is even longer in some regions. This means you have plenty of time to get rid of bad habits and adopt healthier ones. The season ends around mid-September, so starting today you can count how many days you still have left. After that, make weekly goals to shed pounds. You can plan workouts that will help you achieve your goal. One of the tricks to shed pounds using this method is to participate in events that will motivate you such as a walk or a run. You can signup on websites such as  Active.com to remain informed about such events in your area. You can also go for bike rides with your friends or take your family for a swim in the pool to shed pounds.

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One Of The Easiest Tricks To Shed Pounds: Drink More Watershed pounds this summer

Pledge to drink more water this summer and make it a lifelong habit. Staying hydrated will not only keep your appetite in check, it will keep your energy levels stable and your brain will function better. Make it a habit to carry a small water bottle wherever you go and sip often from it. This will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also help you stay away from high-calorie drinks such as sodas and packaged juices. When we are dehydrated, our body confuses it for hunger and we often end up overeating and gaining weight. So, if you want to sheds pounds this summer, always keep a water bottle close by.

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Shed Pounds This Summer By Going On A Hiketricks to shed pounds this summer

Make use of the stunning nature trails in your area by going on a hike. Hiking has recently increased in popularity and people are visiting parks more than ever before. Hiking can also help you de-stress and reset your mind. You can look for hikes near your area by visiting Trails.com.

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Make The Most Of Your Down Time

Typically, people have more free time during summers and their work schedules are more relaxed. Instead of wasting that time in social media, make the most if and enroll in a physical activity. For instance, you can sign up for a yoga class or go for a walk. Leisurely physical activities can help you maintain a healthy weight and it can also help you sustain weight loss. If getting involved in a new activity seems too much work, you can try other things. One of the tricks to shed pounds this summer is to take every opportunity to torch calories. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevator. All movements add up.

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Shed Pounds This Summer By Eating Outdoorstricks to shed pounds

Studies have shown that you end up overeating when you eat in dim light. A lot of health experts have stressed upon the benefits of eating outdoors. Summer is a great season to go for picnics and barbecues. However, do not make this an excuse to eat more. Keep the food nutritious and try to eat more vegetables. Grill chicken and fish to make it more nutritious. It also a good outside to plan a physical activity while you are outside to torch some calories.

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Adopt New Habitslose weight this summer

If your motivation to lose weight peaks in summer and then slumps as the winter arrives, you should try to adopt habits that will make the weight loss more sustainable. Look at summer as a season to make a fresh start and open new possibilities. You can use the new season to get rid of old habits such as snacking at odd times or reaching out for soda to hydrate yourself. Instead of reaching for the soda, maybe try infused water. You should program your brain to leave behind these habits for good. It is a good idea to make a list of questions for yourself to achieve a target. For instance, if you want to shed pounds in summers, you can ask yourself what your purpose on earth this. Focusing on these questions can help you make healthier choices.

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Be In Charge To Shed Pounds

Instead of punishing yourself for things like going overboard with calories or skipping a workout, be more gentle towards yourself. Do not feel defeated or guilty after a misstep. Be balanced and do not be extreme in your pursuit of weight loss. It is a good idea to get enrolled in personalized programs or guided strength training. To achieve results, you should strive for an overall healthy lifestyle.

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Eat At A Fixed Timeshed pounds this summer

One of the best tricks to shed pounds this summer is to fix meal times. This way you can keep track of the calories you consume and be more mindful of your diet. Apart from fixing meal times, plan your meals in advance to stay on track. If you want to shed pounds, a good daily routine is essential. Without a fixed schedule, it can be difficult to achieve your goals. Your eating window should be restricted to 8 to 9 hours. Try having fruits and eggs for breakfast. Have some carbs like sweet potatoes and rice, and seeds and nuts for lunch. Include protein and vegetables in your dinner. If you want to lose weight this summer, stop eating bread. You can also have green tea and lemon water to avoid the temptation to eat unhealthy snacks.

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Track Macrostricks to shed pounds

You also need to keep a track of your macros in order to shed pounds. This will make it easier for you to achieve your target. You should be mindful of the caloris you consume at each meal and the proportion of carbs, fats, and protein in it. One of the best tricks to shed pounds is to have a balanced diet of fats, carbs, and proteins. This will also keep your blood sugar stable and keep your appetite in check. It will also stabilize your hormones and enable your body to protect lean muscles and release stored fat. It will also keep your energy levels stable and keep you active.

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Achieve A Calorie Deficit To Shed Pounds

Use  acalorie calculator to find out your daily calorie maintenance requirements. Once you find that out, combine your diet and exercies to achieve a calorie deficit of 500 calories each day. This will help you replace fat with muslce and lose weight.

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Don’t Lose Your Mind Before Special Occasionsshed pounds

If a special ocassion is coming up, do not lose your sanity to achieve a special look for it. For insatnce, do not go on a fad diet in the days leading up to a vacation or wedding. This flawed approach is adopted by many. SHort term approaches rarely work and can be potentially harmful. Instead of restricting yourdelf for a fixed period of time, make liefestyle changes to sustain weight loss. Weight that is lost in a short period of time often comes back with a vengeance.

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Keep It Simple

One of the biggest tricks to shed pounds this summer is to keep things simple. Do not make your weight loss journey a complicated one. Simple things done daily can make a huge difference in your life. For example, you can add mint, lemon, and cucumber to your water to boost weight loss. You can also keep fruits and nuts in your bag to avoid snacking on unhealthy food on the go. Never eat out of boredom. Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep every day.

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Limit Grainstricks to shed pounds

To reduce your calories intake, eat fewer grains and more vegetables.You can also be vreative. For example, make sweet potatoes, beet, or zucchini spaghetti instead of regular spaghetti. Switch rice with rice cauliflower. Cauliflower is a good source of fiber, folate, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin K. It also has the essential phytonutrient sulforaphane. Moreover, once cup of rice has 200 calories while one cup of cauliflower contains only 25 calories.

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Try these tricks to shed pounds this summer. The season has just started and you still have plenty of days to make the most of it. As with other things, consistency is key. To lose weight this summer, you will need to be mindful of your target all the time.

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Got any tricks to shed pounds this summer? Share your tips to lose weight this summer with us in the comments section below.

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