The most difficult question what to wear this summer ?

I was wondering to go for a party in this  hot weather which is increasing every hour,  as being a fashionholic I keep my wardrobe uptodate. Adopt fashion which is easy to maintain and most importantly comfortable.So here chic look is back from 1990’s. The most trending tulip pants which gives a classy look whether you’re going for a party or relaxing at the beach. Tulip pants is the best choice for both venues.

Beach wraps and tulip pants Hottest summer trend in pakistan

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Fashion trends in Pakistan is something that changes every season. No matter what everybody gets affected by these fashion vibes.

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The tradional bottom wear in Pakistan is shalwar which changes into straight trousers early in 1990. Then  for a long time trousers remain in fashion because it suits short shirts and gives a flattering remark to long shirts as well.

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After trousers, capri was a huge success but most women weren’t happy with it so the fashionista introduced dhoti shalwar but again it couldn’t catch huge audience. As dhoti shalwar was not comfortable to wear daily. So, the trend setters have to think for something that is classy and easy to wear. So there comes Plazzo.

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Plazzo and beach wraps

Plazzo comes and wins the heart of many women. It fits skinny and bulky girls giving both a comfy look. Embroided and printed plazzos were huge success.

Then Tights which became everyone’s favorite. Although it never suits bulky fatty cats but still they wear thinking they look thin in tights , not thinking that they are showing their bulky thighs . Tights were a big bash in fashion , embroided tights, printed tights, shimmery tights and many more. I love the tulip pant trend which has arrived this summer .

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Tulip Pants or beach wraps

Then here comes the most stylish tulip shalwar which becomes the queen of this season. It gives a turn over in fashion mania. It’s the most stunning bottom in fashion these days which gives you a gorgeous look in parties and most comforting to wear at seasides. The fabric which is used to make tulip shalwar is lawn, crepe and silk usually. It’s a must fashion for the fashion freaks this season.

 Tulip pants and Wrap shalwar


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