As the temperature is soaring, no one really likes hot, steaming food now. In summer, your appetite often goes down. You don’t feel like eating. It is a good idea to keep cooling foods in summer months to keep body heat down. Eating frozen foods is also a good way to chill in summer.

Frozen Foods Ideas For Summer

Frozen Yogurtfrozen foods

While we have all grown up on ice cream, we have only now realized how unhealthy it is. Ice cream is choke full of sugar and artificial flavors. Swap ice creams with frozen yogurt. Fruity frozen yogurt is not only delicious and cooling, it is also very healthy and nutritious. Yogurt is full of calcium which is necessary for healthy bones. You can top your yogurt with fruits such as strawberry, peach, mango, and banana. You can also use nuts as toppings. Moreover, you can use oats as a base. In short, yogurt can be made into one of the most delicious and healthy frozen foods.

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Frozen Fruits With Granolafrozen foods for summer

Cut up fruits like bananas, mangos, peaches, strawberry, and pineapple into small pieces. Freeze them in zip lock bags. Whenever you are in the mood for a snack, take them out and top them with your favorite granola and honey. This snack is not only one of the most refreshing frozen foods, it is also very healthy. Fruits contain vital nutrients, vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants. They also have water so they can keep you hydrated. Granola bars are very nutritious and filling. Avoid granola bars which contain artificial sweeteners. Honey is one of the best foods around. Honey will energize you. This snack will restore your energy on a hot summer day.

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Popsicles on a hot day? Yes, please. Instead of buying ice lollies, make your own popsicles. Just taken some sparkling water and fruit pieces, pour them into a mold. Insert a popsicle stick and freeze. Homemade popsicles are not only refreshing on a summer day, they are also very healthy. Store bought popsicles are full of sugar, which is very unhealthy.

Chilled Juiceschilled juice

Store bought fruit juices are usually just about 40 to 60 percent pure. The rest is sugar, preservatives, and sugar. Who would want that? Instead of buying juices, make your own at home. Juice a fruit using your juicer, and chill it in the freezer to make it ice cold. You can add lemon juice as a preservative. If you do not have the time to chill it, just add a lot of ice cubes to your juice, and enjoy. Fruit juices are full of naturally occurring sugars. They will help restore energy and keep you energized the whole day.

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Banana Icecream

In mood of some healthy, delicious icecream? Just freeze a banana and blend it! This icecream is very popular on social media with the vegan community. It is is totally natural and very delicious. Best of all, you just need one ingredient to make this yummy frozen treat!

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Mango Shake

How can we not talk about mangos during summer? Make a refreshing mango shake at home. Peel and dice a mango. Put it in the blender along with half a cup of chilled milk. You may add honey if you want. Blend it and pour in a tall glass. Top with ice shavings and enjoy!

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Lemons are highly antibacterial. Lemons are also full of vitamin c. A glass of lemonade on a hot summer day can revitalize you. Take a glass of ice cold water. Squeeze a lemon into it. Sweeten with honey. Enjoy!

Falsa Sherbetfalsa sharbat

This is a Pakistan speciality. Take a handful of falsas. Wash them thoroughly. Put them in a blender along with a glass of water. You can add a sweetner if you like. Some people even like to add black salt. Blend and seive. Falsa sherbet is a very cooling summer drink. It can cool your body down. For a boost, top with some chia seeds.

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Try these healthy frozen foods to keep the temprature down in summer. It is very important to eat the right food in summer months, especially if you live in a place with hot climate. Make sure you drink 10-12 glasses of water everyday. Do not eat very spicy or very salty food in summer, as itcan dehydrate you. Try to eat a lot of fruits, fresh juices, and yogurt in summer. Avoid going out when the sun is at its peak. Where light, loose fitting clothes. Do not indulge in unhealthy frozen froods and drinks like icecreams, sodas, colas, juices, etc. These foods ddo more harm than good. Stick to natural frozen foods.

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Which frozen food is your favorite to eat in the summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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