Fashion industry is one of the most emerging industries in the world and Pakistan has proven to be quite competitive in the South Asian region. Let it be women fashion or men’s, Pakistan’s fashion tycoon such as Gul Ahmed and Alkaram have grabbed the masses with their top-notch fashion products. Fashion in Pakistan are mostly controlled by Gul Ahmed, Alkaram, Khaddi, HSY, EGO and few other brands

Fashion In Pakistan

Pakistan being the symbolic country in the region has always shaped fashion in to something exuberant for their followers as the Summer 2015 trends kick off with amazing ads on billboards of the newest lawn collection grasping the attention of everyone, resulting in an enormous crowd rushing to the clothing shops. Gul Ahmed’s shops were full of different variety of shalwar kameez and not only in Pakistan’s outlets, but the shops in U.K, as well. People around the world are very interested in Pakistan’s fashionable Shalwar kameez.

Pakistan’s fashion designers are also playing a major role in setting new benchmarks to this flourishing industry, these designers are putting in a lot of work to bring innovation to the fashion wear. How are they doing it? They are releasing their fashion magazines and using their online fashion websites to market their latest fashion collections. These designers have added aesthetic designs to these Pakistani dresses enabling both men and women to go crazy over these elegant dresses.

Now on to fashionable dresses: The Anarkali suits are special as there are great numbers of people who view them online and not only that, the brands have put special discounts on these suits. There are a lot of green and white combination kameez running in Pakistan fashion industry, well the Country’s flag is responsible for that beautiful color combination.  Pakistan is a country where the culture is valued the most and accordingly the lawn suits fit perfectly to the summer and cultural environment.

Fashion In Pakistan - Anarkali

Pakistan’s fashion industry is not only limited to women, but men have also learned how to keep up with the latest fashion, revolving currently in the world. Big Brands such as Junaid  Jamshed, Amir adnan, HSY are all working on elevating men clothing in the country. Men have a simple cultural cloth called the Shalwar kameez. Designers have revamped these clothes in such a way that catches the attention of consumers by adding detail to it which makes it wonderful to wear.  Loafers being in fashion, worldwide, have enabled Pakistani people to wear those shoes with the Salwar kameez giving a classical look. The combination of loafers from the western fashion world, and the Shalwar kameez, from the local world, has enhanced the conventional style.


Fashion In Pakistan - Shalwar kameez

Well fashion has no end; it is an industry which only knows how to grow. The question comes to mind: how can someone add so much detail to a simple dress as Kameez? But I guess we don’t have an answer to that, it is just the talent of our designers.

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