Every woman loves makeup but the resulting makeup allergies that some of us face are annoying, to say the least. The last thing anyone wants is a terrible breakout after putting on makeup. Even if you have been using cosmetics for many years without any problems, some ingredients might still start an allergic reaction. Your body sometimes builds up sensitivities to these ingredients, which causes your immune system to overreact.

Prevent Makeup Allergies

Natural Products Can Be Irritating Too

Do not be confused by the word ‘natural’. Just because a product is natural, it does not mean that it might not have ingredients that you might be allergic too.

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Wash Your Hands And Cleanse Your Face Before Makeup Application

Just like washing your face, it is also important to wash your hand before applying makeup. Your hands may appear clean, but they are usually not. Even mobile phones have so many germs which we carry all the time. You do not want those germs to be transferred from your phone to your hands to your face.makeup allergies

Be Careful When Applying Eye Makeup

Use mascara just on the external 66% of the lashes. Don’t begin at the roots. Never apply eyeliner to the inward eyelid edges. If you wear contact lenses, keep away from iced eye shadow. The luminous particles can get in the eyes, append themselves to the lens and scratch the cornea.

Do Not Share Makeup

Sharing is caring but not when it comes to makeup. Do not share your makeup with anyone nor use anyone else. Sharing cosmetic products implies sharing germs, regardless of whether the make-up belongs to your closest companion or is a tester on a shelf at a store for anyone’s use.

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Do Not Use Eye Makeup When You Have An Infection

Try not to apply eye makeup when you have an infection, for example, conjunctivitis. Hurl out all items you were utilizing at the time.Are

Discard Old Cosmetic

Whenever you open your foundation to use it, germs and bacteria have a chance to surge in. Most makeup products have enough additives to kill these bugs for around one year.makeup allergies

Test New Makeup

If you normally have hypersensitive responses to makeup products, request free specimens before purchasing. Items marked ‘allergy tested’, ‘dermatologist-tried’, ‘nonirritating’, or “hypoallergenic” are not ensured to help you maintain a strategic distance from an unfavorably susceptible response.

Be very careful about what you put on your skin. Old makeup, makeup used during the times of infections, and makeup full of ingredients you are allergic to can wreck havoc on your face. Be extra careful if you have a sensitive or oily skin.

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Which ingredients give you makeup allergies? Share with us in the comments below!

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