Do you think guys take less time than girls to get ready? Do you think they have better hair, better lashes, better skin, better everything? We definitely thing something is going on.

Are Guys Winning At Life?

  1. Two Jeans Can Last You a Decade

Girls can have a closet full of skirts, trousers, and pants, and they still wont have one which will match with their new top. Guys buy 2 denims and they are sorted for life!

2. Trips to Salon Are Cheap

Guys don’t need to break the bank for a head to toe pampering. They can get a haircut, a shave, a facial, a hot oil massage, a puff of cigarette, and God knows what else for a couple of bucks. Girls can spend a fortune and come back looking the same.

Spent a fortune for nothing!

3. They only have 3 fashion evolutions

Number One: When they are babies/kids, they wear what their mom gets them.

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Number Two: when they are teenagers/young, they own a t-shirt, a dress shirt, a jeans, and a dress pant.

Number Three: When they reach middle age, they wear half sleeves, checkered dress shirts. Sweet life.

Girl’s fashion, on the other hand, changes every four months.

4. Natural Beauty

Guys are natural beautiful and flawless. They do not need 10 coats of makeup to step out of the house, unlike their average looking female counter parts. Burn girls, burn!

guys lashes
Guys don’t need Huda Beauty Lashes!

5. Maggi isnt the only thing that gets ready in 2 minutes!

Guys might give maggi a run for their money. Maggi takes 2 minutes to get ready, boys take 1.

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6. Guys do not discriminate

Whether it’s university, office, or a wedding, guys don’t give two hoots. They will show up in the same attire everywhere, do what you may.

Dont change yourself for anyone!

7. They can turn something unfortunate into a style statement

Hair fall is a nightmare but thanks to our boys Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, and Bruce Willis, shaved heads are a style statement.

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8. They don’t need handbags

Move over Prada and Gucci, the $2 jeans this guy bought has 6 pockets!

9. Air Dry Those Locks

Guys don’t need to blow dry their hair. Their hair looks set no matter what. And if it doesn’t, a cheap gel will fix it in one stroke. They don’t need serums, leave in conditioners, straighteners, and curlers to tame their hair.

guys hair

10. Their perfume smells better

It’s more powerful, more daring, and more noticeable. Not a faint hint of fake fruity-flowery nonsense most female perfumes are pumped with.

guys perfume

Do you think guys have it easier than girls? Share with us below!


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