Attraction is not just about the looks. Having good looks might help you in life because this is the world where people judge you by your looks they don’t see who you are but they judge you like how you look. Such a cruel world. But if a person is attractive he can be called beautiful or good looking too but it also carries other inner qualities too.

There’s a lot of confusion in people’s mind related to attraction. Attraction is related to your soul, your inner thoughts, your personality, your nature, your behaviour and lastly your looks. Attractiveness has nothing to do with how you might look physically, though physical qualities of yours might play a small role.

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People may be called beautiful at first sight because they groom themselves physically that is by dressing well, applying makeup or by doing hairstyling. But being called attractive at first sight doesn’t just mean that they are beautiful outside but inside too. They are good looking but they are kind- hearted, generous, helpful, trustworthy, friendly and what not? Their inner beauty defines their outer beauty. Which makes them look more attractive. And people love to interact with such people.

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building attraction

Attraction is not linked with your complexion or your looks. Being called attractive is really a great compliment for people. Everyone wants to get that compliment that ‘You’re really attractive’. That really means that the opposite person really like or love how you talk or behave and later your looks are considered. So what you should do to get attractiveness?


Following are the main things that can make you attractive;

1-Improve your life:

building attraction lively
Attractiveness is showed when you are happy with your life. A dull or a sad person might show a negative response towards people that must be disliked by the people around. So, one should improve it by doing whatever he or she loves to do and just let go those things that are hurting or disappointing them and live your life to the fullest. Improve your present that will improve your personality. Stop being a dramatic or an emotional person; be a lively person. That attracts people very much.

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2- Improve your appearance:

building attraction dressingbuilding attraction dress
Appearance is reflected when you see someone at first sight. Avoid adopting those things or fashion that make you look awful and you love to do this because you want the attention from people. For the sake of getting the attention, you lose your personality your respect, your identity. And all this make you an unattractive person rather than attractive. Dress in a decent manner in which you feel comfortable and adopt those things in which you look good. Hair styling also counts in it too. So, get a good haircut.

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3-Be Kind and Generous:

building attraction kindbuilding attraction generousA strict boss or a teacher is usually hated. You find them unattractive. Why? Because people love those people who are good with them who are generous, trustworthy, kind or polite with them. This quality is very attractive.


attraction smileA smile is what that makes you more beautiful. Smiling face increases your attractiveness. Happy, lively and smiling people are loved and liked by all the people around the world. This shows the positivity towards another person. This will show that you really a happy-go-person.

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5-Smells good:

building attraction perfume
People beside or near you might focus you by the way you smell. The use of good deodorants, perfume or body sprays can make you attractive. This might be appealing to the people around you.


building attraction cleaningbuilding attraction nails
An attractive person always keeps himself or herself clean. Having shower daily, washing or cleansing you face or levelling your hair or nails. A good hygiene counts a lot.

What Makes you Attractive?

All these things can improve your personality or influence people and make you look attractive! So groom yourself well. Because a good looking person might be an unattractive person but an attractive person is always a good looking person. Be attractive be good looking! 😉

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