Every girl and women in Pakistan struggles in deciding what to wear and what not to wear, sometimes when we look back at our old pictures of any grand event we realize how bad our Fashion sense was, but we don’t want to repeat the same mistake. So here I have collected some of the top Fashion posts from all over the internet that are perfect for your occasions, you just need to choose which one to wear.

And so look at these dresses and understand your own fashion skill because it lies within everyone.

fashion design- trending - dress

Here I’m going with the primary dress, this dress is extremely sensible and in line with me this maybe worn in parties and this may positively cause you to look hot.

fashion design- trending dresses

The second dress is sort of glamorous which is able to cause you to look pretty and WHO would not like to wear such a pretty dress on a desi wedding perform.

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fashion design- trending

This dress is kinda sweet and will make you look innocent, you can wear this dress in a family function with some matching jewelry and high heels.

mahira-khan-Dress-trendingMahira Khan is a well known Pakistani actress and people really love her dresses and her Fashion sense, and I would prefer people to take a look at some of her fabulous dresses and this is one of them.

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Now this is what Fashion is all about, look at her trouser pants and it’s design you can surely try this out with some other shirt that matches perfectly with these designer trousers.


just take a look at this perfect dress and the design here is not an ordinary design. You can dress up in this Fashionable dress to show off your friends and everyone else and look fabulous.

trending dresses- fashion designs

More of the designs to let you get a better idea of fashion and what it is. The world in which we live today is fascinating and we should obey the rules of fashion as well to not let it down but bring it up in a new style of our own.

Let me know which of the dress you likes the most in the comments below.

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