We all know that Eid for 2k16 is coming up soon in days and so that all the ladies out there might need some stylish, light and heavy mehendi design ideas and choose according to their choices. This Eid let’s get some stylish light/heavy designs for you to get rid of those usual designs that no longer make us feel new and interrupts with our style. As Eid is our Religious holiday we should make it more special and put on that Mehendi that has now became a tradition amongst us but with those stylish light or heavy design that looks pretty and something new that we can show off to our family and friends.

Stylish Light Mehendi Designs for hands

Check out these popular stylish but light designs for teenagers most probably:

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Trendy Light Mehendi Designs for your feet

These latest Mehendi designs you just saw now were among those stylish and light Mehendi designs for hand wear. See some stylish and light designs for your feet as well.

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Tip: add some glitter glue to your designs to make them look more fabulous.

Heavy Trendy Mehendi Eid Designs for hands

We just had a look at those pretty light and stylish designs now let’s go towards the stylish but heavy Mehendi design for hands.

Trendy Heavy Mehendi Designs for feet

These stylish and heavy mehendi designs makes you look pretty and glamorous and gives you a perfect look. These designs are perfect for those newly brides also.

Also check these stylish and heavy Feet mehendi designs.

these patterns seriously does a good job.

Editors Pick: Stylish Mehendi Designs recommended by us for this EID

Now stylish and heavy/light mehendi designs for feet and hands (the best ones):

Choose the style which suits you the best and makes you feel more glam no matter it’s a stylish heavy style or a stylish light style, choose the one that you feel like choosing after all you have all the rights to put this tradition on in your own style cause it’s Eid!

Be too glam to give a damn

Eid Mubarak Everyone 🙂


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