Many different factors contribute towards overall beauty of a person. Beauty is not only applying a lot of makeup, doing a good hairdo and wearing fancy clothes. In fact the definition of beauty stretches much beyond all this. Posture correctness is one very important aspect of beauty. If you have a good posture you will enhance your personality and beauty manifold. Besides the outward cosmetic benefits, having a good posture has many other utilities too.

What is a correct posture?

The correct posture is one in which your back is ramrod straight so that the backbone and joints remain in proper alignment and place. Here is an image that will illustrate what the correct posture is. However there is no one good posture for every person.

Good posture for better health

Sure, one must avoid the regular bad posture aspects like slouching but otherwise from person to person there will be difference in good postures.

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 In order to know your correct posture stand against a wall such that your legs are at a little distance (around 6 inches) away from the wall and the back of your head, shoulders, waist and buttocks are leaning on to the wall. Now breathe a little in to decrease the arch in your lower back. This is your correct posture and you should try to maintain it all the time.

Good posture for better health

These days it is difficult to have a good posture because of our unhealthy life styles and invasion of technology. In offices people slouch over their laptops and computer screens. Then where ever people are sitting may be in the undergrounds, waiting rooms, conference rooms etc, they slump over their mobiles. People do not know the consequences of having a hunched posture and the difficulties that it may cause for them later in life.

Benefits of Posture correctness

Having a good posture has many medical, social and health related benefits, here we give you some of them.

Proper alignment of bones and muscles

Having a good posture will help to maintain the proper and natural alignment of bone, joints and muscles. This will prevent the overuse of muscles thus decreasing fatigue and exhaustion. Because of excessive use of muscles in the case of a bad posture, one does get tired and star having muscular pains because of fatigue that is due to the bad posture more and less due to the physical exertion. So it is better to have a good posture. Then due to poor use of muscles there is a danger of degeneration of joints to cause arthritis in the long run.

Protection from back pain and disk hernia

A good posture can save you from the perils of loss of gap between vertebra of back bone, slip disk and sciatica of the legs. Doctors strongly advise patients with back problems to use posture support in order to have a good posture so that there is relief of pain. If you have a good posture in the beginning then there would be no need to go to the doctor or to suffer from the malign of back pain. As prevention is better than cure, take preventive measures and have a good posture to protect yourself for the future.

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Having an active and attractive personality

It is good to have an excellent posture because it emanates that the person is very active and interested. A slouchy posture or a hump is usually considered as a sign of lethargy. Although in reality the slouches is not usually due to laziness but it is considered by many as so. It will greatly decrease your chances of having a good job or doing well socially. Why would you compromise on your career or social life just because of a flaw that you can easily remove from yourself? So train yourself to have a great posture in the beginning then it will naturally come to you soon and you will look your best.

When you stand upright, it shows that you have a confident personality and have leadership qualities. It also makes you look taller and slimmer. It will make breathing easier too as there is lesser load on the internal organs.

When there are so many benefits of good posture then there is no excuse of not adopting it. Here are some basics of having a good posture while you are standing, sitting, walking or lying down.

Good posture while standing

Good posture for better health

As explained earlier try out the standing by the wall example and then see what is your good posture. Once you find that out, then try to maintain it. You will see, it will be an effort for few days and then it will naturally come to you. Here are some tips for standing upright.

  • Weight should be evenly distributed on both feet.
  • Chin should be parallel to the floor.
  • Look in the mirror whether both your shoulders are evenly aligned. If not then you must stand in a way that both shoulders are aligned at the same alignment.
  • Avoid standing in one position for a long amount of time. Take a stroll or few steps so that you are there is no strain of standing so long.

Good posture while walking

It is also very important to have a good posture while you are walking also. If you are walking for exercise then the whole effort is lost if you do not walk with a good posture. Here are some great tips for walking with a good posture.

  • Keep your back straight.
  • Put your heels on the ground first then roll on to the toes.
  • Do not look down, keep your head up and look several feet ahead of you.

Good posture while sitting down

It is very important to have a good posture while you are sitting down. It is important because people spend most of the day sitting down. Especially those who work on laptops or computers. So it is very important that you must adopt a healthy posture while sitting down.

Good posture for better health

  • Keep the shoulders relaxed but straight. They should not slump forward.
  • Keep your elbows folded at 90 degrees while working on the laptop.
  • Put your feet on the ground.
  • Just like we mentioned about stand up, do not sit for long periods of time. Take short breaks to stretch your legs often during the work.
  • Use a good quality and comfortable chair.

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These are some great tips for having a good posture.

What do you think is the importance of having a good posture? Share your views by commenting below.

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