Happiness is a choice

I’m convinced by this fact that happiness is our choice. It totally depends on us, what we think and what we believe. No matter what happens in our lives , we can not control everything. Its not in our hand but surely we can control our internal feelings. It is your responsibility to make yourself happy nor anyone else. Becoming happy with what you have is simply a matter of aiming yourself to feel positively on the things which are good in your life.

how to live happily

The desire of getting more and more had made people suffer from severe dissatisfaction with what they have right now. You can be satisfied with what you have when you start appreciating to the little things you have. Be grateful or you’ll damp yourself with misery which will lead you to depression. Don’t let yourself burdens with unrealistic means of happiness and expecting from others to bring smile on your face. Be good to yourself .

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Being happy doesn’t mean that you have a perfect life. It means you know how to deal with imperfections of life.

Everyday intentionally or unintentionally we put limitations to ourselves. Just live your life without making things complicated. Life would be so simpler and fun if we stop overreacting to situations which are beyond our extent. Stop thinking about your past and regretting that things would be better if you had done that. Don’t let your past mess up with your present.


Stop pleasing others

Get out of that stereotypes conscious minded people that spend half of their life worrying what people will think?? How will they react? Who gives a sh*t to others thoughts. You’re not here to please others. Just believe in yourself and think your life will be much better if you stop dictating yourself through others opinion. Only genuine people will be happy with you.

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Talent hunt

Definitely you’re good at many things , you still don’t know. Discover yourself ,start experimenting different skills you are good at and make yourself unique.

be happpy be unique


You can’t digest venom, split your anger. It will ruin you slowly from inside.If you can’t no anger no happycontrol your anger you can’t control your life. You can utilize your anger in positive ways rather than shouting or messing around. Go out for a walk, leave the situation. Cool down first, drink water.

Desire of becoming Richie rich

money happymoney no happiness

Everybody wants to be a millionaire. It’s a famous saying that money can’t buy happiness but still it feels good to cry in a Mercedes rather on a bicycle. (: Don’t make money your sole motivator. The desire for money will never end. Make your heart alive not hard. Find a career to keep you motivated and you’re passionate for. Enjoy life with gratefulness not greediness.

Stop spending your time thinking about your ex.

forget her be happy

He/she is gone. Stop wasting your time thinking about that person. You cant be happy if you don’t let it go.

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door!

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Watch my favourite song from the movie frozen and do share your views about happiness. Stay happy!

Let it go -Frozen <3

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