In this era, with the internet and smartphones everywhere numerous doors for improvement and learning have been opened in every field of life. You can now have knowledge and information about almost anything or any subject under the sun. One thing that has been greatly amplified by this growth is the awareness of importance of self-growth and self grooming.

Self-grooming is immensely important nowadays when there is a tough competition in every field of life. Even if you have skills and smartness but you do not have a refined personality and a pleasant demeanor chances are that you have to struggle a lot more than a person with same skill set as yours but with a different, better groomed personality.

If self-grooming and personal growth was not important, why would large organizations invest thousands of dollars in training their employs to make them more presentable and knowledgeable? In order to compete in the tough corporate world as well as individual and social life it is very important to have a well groomed personality.

In this article we share some of the basic secrets of self-grooming. These are the foundations that will ultimately take you towards being a better person in personal, social and professional life.


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This feature cannot be stressed anymore. This the first and foremost step towards self-grooming or in fact any type of personal growth start with this step. An unclean person is the most unattractive and somewhat repulsive sight. Make sure that there is never any odor coming from you. Take a shower daily with nice smelling soaps and shampoos. Use deodorants and anti perspirants especially if you work out or do any kind of work that makes you sweat.

Take care of the hygiene of each and every part of your body. Clean your teeth, keep your hair tidy, remove the excessive hair from your body, wash your feet regularly and don’t let your heels be cracked or rough. If you are clean not only will you be attractive to others but also be more productive and self-satisfied.

Be courteous and kind

All the great quotes that have been a said about smiles are absolutely true. Kindness is an invaluable asset. A frowning and grouchy person is never going to attract anyone. Keep a smile on your face. Look fresh and pleasant. A smile makes you much more beautiful and attractive. Be patient and empathetic, so you can be nice to others. Developing a kind and gentle personality is a great part of self grooming. Such a person is always loved and welcomed by all. Even if you do not have very attractive features, a gentle and kind personality will make you look soft and sweet.

Boost up your confidence


Another great aspect of self grooming is to boost your confidence. A strong and confident person is automatically attractive to everyone around. They are bound to do much better in interviews, presentations, personal relationship management etc. Here are some tips for boosting up your confidence.

  • Practice public speaking skills. Speak in front of the mirror every day for five to ten minutes.
  • Learn to control your fear of meeting and talking to other people. Remember others are also just like you. You are neither inferior to them in anyway or superior.
  • Always think that ok what is the worst that can happen and how will it change my life. Usually the answer to the question about change is nothing much. So when there is no much change coming in your life even if the circumstances are going to take the turn for the worst then why worry.
  • Remember taking risks will not always make the life easier and better for you, but it will definitely make it more interesting and away from monotony. So take risks and try out new things.
  • Try to meet new people and strike up a conversation with them. There is always the chance that you will meet someone nice. Also knowing more people makes you more open and more confident.

Taking care of your appearance


You are what other people see. When you meet people, your outer personality is the part of you that will make the first impression. Take care of your appearance. Go to salon at least once a month. Get your hair, nails and feet done. Even if you cannot afford expensive designer clothes, they is a good range in stylish clothes that are not expensive at all. Get Google to help you. Check out the latest trends in fashion clothing, shoes and accessories and try to get as much hip and nice things as you can. You hair and hands accessories. You can own less but own good and stylish stuff that will make you look good.

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People just forget what you wore last week or even a couple of days ago. But they do remember how nice or cool you were looking. So give a good amount of time to your dressing and style. It will make you feel good and confident about yourself too.

Consulting a stylist or personal self grooming assistant


Nowadays you can have the advice of the experts easily. Book an appointment with a stylist or a personal grooming assistant. You can also take a self grooming course. There are a number of self grooming courses available, you can check online if there is one near you. These are not trivial things. Personal grooming is something worth spending time and money on. Do try it out once and you will see a marked difference.

So these are just the basic tips of self grooming. It does one wonders and enhance the personality in more than one ways. Do try out on a small scale and you will definitely want to do more.

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