Kendall Jenner is a well-known face and usually found on covers of a number of magazines. She has always received a lot of praise for her fashion statement and her style. However recently she came under fire for coming on the cover of a very famous Indian fashion magazine. The Kendall Jenner Controversy is getting a lot of limelight lately and bought bot Jenner and the Indian Vogue magazine at the receiving end of the backlash from angry Indians from all over the world.

Hot new Kendall Jenner Controversy

First it was the Pepsi commercial that brought a lot of controversy. The commercial was supposedly racist and in the end it was taken down and Pepsi had to apologies for the ad publically through their Twitter page. In the ad Kendall Jenner is shown to calm down a huge protect by simply handing out a can of Pepsi to a police officer. Pepsi issued an apology as shown below, however the apology itself became a point of dischord as people though that Pepsi had wrongfully apologized to Jenner and that Jenner should also take the blame and apologize.

kendall jenner controversy

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 “Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding.

“Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologise. We did not intent to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout.”

They continued: “We also apologise for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.”

kendall jenner controversy

So whats the new Kendall Jenner Controversy. Well recently the well renowned Indian fashion magazine Vogue India celebrated its 10 year span of success printing in India. At this auspicious event the magazine put up on the cover the face of famous Kendall Jenner and all the hell broke loose.

The Indians felt mighty offended that Jenner was made the face of Vogue instead of any Indian Celebrity. Twitter received a number of Tweets that showed disappointment or in some cases rage at this decision of Vogue magazine. This time all the drama does make sense in a way that as it is a celebration of the magazine’s successful 10 year run in India, so why a non Indian face is on the exact issue that should be celebrating Indian people, Indian beauty and Indian fashion.

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So now again there is a long list of apologies and justifications coming from Vogue. Here is what Vogue has to say as clarification

“In the last 10 years, Vogue India has had only 12 international covers, including Kendall Jenner, in 2017,” the statement said. “Therefore, statistically, 90 percent of our covers are Indian! And we are proud of that.”

The magazine said that it wants to feature “some of the best international celebrities on our covers. Occasionally!”

Here again Kendall remained unavailable for commenting about anything. The Twitterati brigade that seldom leaves anyone alone for doing anything offensive made sure that they give a piece of their mind to the world about the fact they ignoring the huge Indian population and opting for a white actress for the cover.

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The issue of dark skin vs the white skin is all the rage these days in the country that is mostly a majority of dark skinned people. The media, common people and many celebrities are trying to convey the message that celebrate the dark skin and come out of the complex of the need to have white skin.

Be comfortable in your own skin. That has been the mantra of the common people all across the country of India. so the move by the entertainment magazine vogue has been very untimely. All over the country, whitening creams and skin whitening treatments have been condemned by common people and celebrities alike. Many Bollywood celebs have made the move to boycott skin whitening products and those who endorse them are widely criticized and they lost a good amount of their fans.

In a country full of dark skin people, the lust for a white skin is a sensitive issue. However this debate is not prevalent in India only. In fact all over the world people are very much becoming more and more conscious of the statement ‘Proud to be myself’.

The vogue magazine tries to have hot and seductive covers to lure the readers into buying the magazine. There always has been covers of celebrities in provocative clothes and sexy shots for the magazine. As Kendall Jenner has been a hot commodity lately, the magazine predicted that she would make a great cover. Little did they knew it would end up being a huge problem for them?

People are of the opinion that the vogue cover should have featured Priyanka Chopra if the wanted an international figure, because lately Chopra has been doing a number of international gigs like the hit American TV series, Quantico and the upcoming movie Baywatch based on the famous Baywatch TV series. The next choice of the audience was Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor.

Whatever the people say, the bottom line is that now the magazine is out and the cover sparked the Kendall Jenner controversy.

What is your opinion about the Kendall Jenner Controversy? Is it really that big a deal or people are just making it sound so? Let us know your opinion by commenting below.

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