Losing weight is not easy, anyone who has tried to do it knows how much hard work and self-control is involved in the process. It really is a very difficult task. However what is even more difficult is gaining back health once it is lost. Health is one of God’s greatest blessings to us. Without good health we can do very limited amount of things. When something is so precious it is very important that we take very good care of it. Some people while trying to lose weight put themselves through such strains and obstacles that in the process of losing the weight they end up destroying their health. In this article we shout out loud, lose weight, don’t lose health.

Losing weight if you are overweight is of course always very healthy. But there are ways to lose the weight properly. If you want some short cuts in the process then you will end up making more mistakes and destroying your health. We cannot stress enough that lose weight, don’t lose health in the process.

Lose weight, don’t lose health

Here are some points through which you can end up losing health while trying to lose weight instead of gaining any health benefit.

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  1. Taking pills and medicines

Lose weight, don’t lose health

You must have seen ads that claim that taking their pill everyday for a month can make you slim or shed weight very quickly. These are usually very harmful and dangerous medicine. Firstly they are just trying to mint your money. Money is their sole agenda. They would send you attractive sales men that would show you fake stories about how magically their miracle product made people weight lose. You would take the medicine and the only thing that will change is you have emptier pockets. On the weight front you would be same as before. So taking medicines by seeing ads on TV or in newspaper or online is not a good idea. Consult a proper doctor before taking any medication. If you want to follow our mantra of “Lose weight, don’t lose health” keep away from these short cut pills.

  1. Starving yourself out

Starving is never good. If you lose weight with starving, you will gain it back very quickly once you start eating again because lets be real, for how long can you starve anyway. Abnormal eating habits can also cause you to have eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia. Just change your unhealthy eating habits and replace them with healthy ones. Lower down the carbs, and raise the proteins. Instead of starving, why don’t you go vegetarian for a while. You will see a big change if you increase the intake of green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet and leave off carbs. Even if you do not quit bread completely, there is an extremely healthy option available and that is to consume whole wheat bread and flour.

Remember there are no shortcuts to lose weight. If you lose weight in a healthy way only then can you sustain it for a long time.

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  1. Too much exercise

Lose weight, don’t lose health

As excess of everything is bad, excess of good and healthy things is bad too. Although working out and exercising is great but overdoing it can cause serious harm to yourself and to your body. If you are new to working out remember you have to start off light. You cannot just one day go to the gym and start sweating yourself up for hours. It will only end up giving you excruciating pain and exhaustion. You will get demotivated to try out the work out again and give up soon thinking it is too much.

All this happened because you tried the wrong way to lose weight. If you are new to exercising it is best to hire proper trainer in the beginning. If it is too much for you to afford, read a lot online. There are a number of weight loss and exercising guides available for newbies. After a thorough study start the workout by doing simple and easy steps first. Remember big athlete’s also first stretch out a little before starting out the real exercise, so you also need to start off light and then move on to the heavy stuff, to save your body from lots of stress and fatigue.

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  1. Liposuction or tummy tuck for quick weight loss

Liposuction means to remove excessive fat from the body from areas where fat seems to accumulate like tummy or thighs. Although people say that there are no side effects of liposuction but that is wrong. First and foremost, excessive lumpiness of the skin can occur when fat is removed from the body. Other side effects that may happen include deep vein thrombosis, organ perforation, internal bleeding or infection. Also if after the liposuction the diet is not controlled then the fat will return after a few months and all your efforts will go in vein.

Also as we have mentioned earlier too, there are no short cuts to weight loss. Apart from a small amount, in one go you cannot take out a lot of fat from the body. It is harmful and can result in serious consequences. So if you are thinking that you can get all your weight removed in one go, there is bad news for you, this is not how things work out.

Just like any surgical process, this one will also take a toll on the body and requires a recovery time. There will be pain and weakness. If you are removing fat from twin parts like thighs or upper arms remember you would need two surgeries, thus the risks of harmful side effects doubles up.

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  1. Wrong weight loss motivation, Lose weight, don’t lose health

Lose weight, don’t lose health

It is very important that you lose weight, don’t lose health but that is possible if you have the right motivations behind it. if you are doing it just because it is a fad or because all your friends are doing it and you do not want to be left out although your heart is not in it, the best advice would be not to do it. if you want to lose weight, don’t lose health you must be clear on these points.

  • Know why you are doing it and it must have something good for you strongly at the core.
  • Have set goals, know where you are standing right now and where you want to go from there.
  • Choose a healthy path to go to your goal and then stick to it.

So friends my advice in the end is same as that in the beginning lose weight, don’t lose health because health is the most expansive and important thing in the world. Without health you cannot do anything but with a good health shedding of a little weight would be a piece of cake.

What do you think is the best way to lose weight? Share with us by commenting below.