You probably take good care of your skin. You cleanse it, exfoliate it, and moisturize it. You also probably do a lot for your hair. You oil it, you deep condition it, and you shampoo it. But what about your lips? Is a lipstick the only lips accessory you have? Our lips also need love and care. Just like the rest of the body, it needs to be cleansed and moisturized.  Read on to find out about natural lip care treatments and hacks!

Natural Lip Care

natural lip care
Natural lip care is easy and rewarding!

Natural lip care is all about the preserving the natural beauty of your lips. Your aim should be to have beautiful, moisturized lips without having to use a lipstick. Bring out the natural color of your lips. Only go for a lipstick to enhance the beauty of your lips, do not rely on lipstick alone! Natural lip care has 3 steps: cleansing/scrubbing, moisturizing/hydrating, and brightening. Scrubbing is important because it will exfoliate all the dead skin cells which make your lips look dull and worn out. Moisturization is important for hydrating lips, and providing them with nutrients they require. Natural colorants will impart color to them, and slowly make them brighter. Our ultimate aim is to have naturally bright looking lips, so that we wont have to rely on lipsticks for color.

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Plenty of remedies are listed below. Use only the ones that do not contain the ingredients you are allergic to. Do a patch test first to see how you react to the ingredients. Every skin is different, and not all remedies work the same for everyone. Whenever you try a home remedy that you read somewhere, do a test on a small area of your skin first to make sure you are not sensitive to it. Most home remedies are usually safe, and have no side effects.

How To Prevent Lip Darkening

Quit Smoking

natural lip care
Smoking will make your lips black and lifeless!

Nicotine in cigarettes causes lip darkening. The constant heat from cigarettes also causes darkness. Part ways with cigarettes if you aim to have beautiful lips.

Limit Caffeine Intake

Limit your intake of coffee and tea as they also darken lips over tip. When you do drink tea and coffee, make sure it is not steaming hot.

Limit Sun Exposure

lip balm with spf
Buy lip products with spf for protection from sun!

Excess sun is not just bad for your skin, it is also bad for your lips. Sun exposure can darken lips. Avoid spending a lot of time outside. When you go out, use lip products that have spf in it for protection from UV rays.

Buy Better Quality Lipsticks

Are your lipsticks from an unreliable brand? Are they old? Have they expired? Be mindful of these things. Low quality lipsticks can be bad for your lips. Old lipsticks can actually be harmful for your lips. Toss them out. Use good quality lipsticks, from reputed brands, with moisturizing ingredients. Avoid wearing lipstick all the time. Use it only when you need to.

High Quality Lipstick
Instead of owning a 100 inferior quality lipsticks, invest in some good ones

How To Get Rid Of Lip Pigmentation

Pigmentation may refer to the lightening or darkening of lips. Generally, when some one is talking about lip pigmentation, they are talking about dark lips. It may also refer to discoloration, liners, or two toned lips. Lips pigmentation can be caused by a many factors like stress, eating habits, oxygen supply deficiency, use of low quality products, genes, or unhealthy habits. Asians are more likely to have darker lips. Here are some remedies to get rid of lip pigmentation:

Honey, Lemon, And Sugar Scrub For Lips

Take half a lemon. Pour 1 table spoon honey in a bowl. A 1 table spoon sugar. You can also add brown sugar if you like. Mix all three ingredients. You can also add some water. Aim to get a scrub like consistency. Do not add too much water or honey, as this will dissolve the sugar.  You do not want that. Sugar will act as the scrubbing agent here. Once your scrub is ready, gently exfoliate your lips with it. Do not be harsh. Do it for 1 minute. Follow it with a moisturizer for lips, like a lip balm or lip oil. Repeat this daily. Within a month, you will notice an improvement in your lips.

natural lip care
Use this scrub to lighten and brighten your lips!

Yogurt Massage

Massage your lips with yogurt or cream everyday. You can add crushed almond flakes or sugar for scrubbing affect. This will gently slough off the dead skin cells of your lips, provide it moisturization, and also brighten it.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber juice has lightening properties. Apply it daily over your lips to make them lighter.


papaya for lips
Use papaya for softer lips

Cut a small piece of papaya. Either mash it or use it as a cube to massage your lips. It will slough away the dead skin, and bring out the natural color of your lips.

How To Hydrate Lips

Almond Oil

Almond oil is excellent for hydration. It has vitamin e that repairs and brighten lips. Apply it regularly, especially before going to bed at night. Make sure the almond oil you are using is 100 % pure.

almond oil for lip care
Almond Oil has Vitamin E, which rejuvenates lips

Honey And Glycerin

Mix equal parts of honey and glycerin in a bowl. Apply it on your lips. Honey is restorative, and it will take care of all the damage that has been done over the years.

Lip Balms

Buy a good quality lips balm from the market that has natural ingredients in it. Go for reputable brands like the Body Shop or Burt Bees.

How To Have A Reddish Tinge Naturally

Who wouldn’t like to have naturally red colored lips. You cannot apply lipstick all the time. Here are some tips to give your lips a reddish hue naturally.

Tomato Juice

Regular application of tomato juice will restore the natural color of your lips. Tomatoes have Vitamin A which helps to shed dead cells, and produce new ones.


Beetroot is a lip good stain. Regular application will make your lips red naturally. Rub a piece of beetroot on your lips before going to bed at night everyday to make them red permanently.

beetroot lip care
Regular application of beetroot will make lips look red naturally!

Ice Cubes

Massage your lips with an ice cube daily. This will increase the oxygen and blood supply to your lips, making them plump and red.

Rose Petals

rose for lips
What better way to have rosy lips than roses themselves!

Crush some rose petals. Add it to milk. Apply it on your lips regularly, to have rosy lips!

How To Plump Up Lips Naturally

The latest trend is to have big, plump lips. No need to get fillers and surgery for lip enhancement, as they do more harm than good. Go for these natural treatments instead!

Vaseline and Cinnamon Oil

Take half tea spoon Vaseline. Add two drops of cinnamon oil to it. Mix them. Apply the resultant mixture on your lips. It will burn a little. This is because cinnamon oil will increase blood supply to your lips. Wash it off after 10 minutes. Follow with a lip balm or moisturizer.

natural lip plumper
Cinnamon brings blood flow to lips!

Peppermint Oil And Cayenne Pepper

Take 3 drops of peppermint oil. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper in it. Apply it on your lips. Be ready to experience a burning sensation. Wash it off after 10 minutes. Follow with a moisturizer.

natural lips care
Peppermint Oil

Follow these remedies regularly to have beautiful, plumper, and redder lips. Also be mindful of your diet. Avoid junk food. Include more fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Lack of nutrients in the body show up everywhere including your lips. Keep your body hydrated too. Drink plenty of water, up to 3 litres a day. Avoid biting your lips, specially when you are tensed. Some people tend to bite and purse their lips when they are under stress. Do not do that. When your lips are dry, do not use your tongue to hydrate them! Best porn – Girls do porn. Whenever your lips are chapped, apply something moisturizing and hydrating. Invest in good quality lip butters, like cocoa butter and shea butter. These provide intense moisturization for lips.

What are some of your favorite lip remedies? Do you have any lip regimen? Share with us in the comments below!