In this Kylie Jenner era, most women desire to achieve gorgeous and attractive lips without having to go under the knife. Surgeries and medical procedures can be risky and costly, not to mention permanent. Therefore, it is better to use alternatives that are not as threatening as these are. Following are some useful tips to GET ATTRACTIVE LIPS NATURALLY.

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How to get attractive lips naturally?

MOISTURIZATION: Cure for dry and chapped lips

Moisturization will help you achieve your goal of getting attractive lips. Lips are sensitive and tend to get dry easily. Dry and chapped lips appear unattractive. Regular application of lip balm or Vaseline will make lips soft and smooth that will make the lips appear plumper, adding to their attractiveness. Using a lip balm with sunscreen added in it will definitely be a bonus.

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EXFOLIATION: Exfoliate your way to perfect, smooth lips

Exfoliation is the process of removal of dead skin cells from the skin. It also stimulates blood circulation. Even with good moisturization, lips can appear dull because of the dead skin build-up. Therefore, in the process of achieving stunning and attractive lips, exfoliation is not the step you want to miss.  Exfoliation can be easily done at home using a simple scrub made up of equal amounts of honey and sugar. Use your fingertips to gently rub this scrub on your lips in a circular motion. Another simple technique is to use a clean toothbrush with soft bristles. Dab some Vaseline or olive oil onto it and brush your lips gently in a circular motion.

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LIP PLUMPER OR ENHANCER: Get fuller lips in an instant

If you instantly want that perfect pout then lip plumpers are the simplest and cheapest way. These are cosmetic products that add volume to the lips, making them look fuller. They cause lips to swell a bit temporarily. There are several branded lip plumpers available in the market, for example, Grande LIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper. If you do not want to buy one, you can use oils like red pepper oil, cinnamon oil or peppermint oil. These oils give the same effect. Thus, you can easily gain those attractive lips that you desire in a very short time. However, before trying any lip plumper, you need to check if it does not contain an ingredient that you are allergic to which can cause irritation, rashes or blisters. Also, prolong use of these can cause lips to become dry and cracked.

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FACIAL EXERCISES: For naturally plump lips

Facial exercises can not only make your lips appear naturally plumper but also lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles around them. This increases their appeal. Some basic exercises are the following.

  • Pressing lips firmly:

Keep your lips pressed together tightly forming a straight line for five to ten seconds. Use both of your index fingers to slightly pull the corners of your lips. Relax and repeat three to five times.

mouth exercises for attractive lips

  • Kissing face:

Pucker your lips in the same way you do when you kiss. Hold the position for five to ten seconds. Relax and repeat three to five times.

pout attractive lips. kissing face lips

  • Mouth wide-open:

Open your mouth to the fullest extent for five to ten seconds. Relax and repeat three to five times.

mouth wide openmouth wide open

Perform all these exercises in front of a mirror.

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MAKEUP: Tips and tricks for beautiful lips 

By using the right makeup you can give your lips the same effect as any lip fillers or injections will. Start off by dabbing some foundation on your lips and blending it in. This will hide any lines or cracks on your lips and will also make your lipstick last longer. Next use a lip liner or pencil of the same shade or a bit darker shade as your lipstick to outline the lips. For the upper lip, start lining from the middle and work your way to the corners. Do the reverse process for the lower lip. Using a lip liner is a very important step which truly creates the illusion of plumper lips. Then apply a thick coat of your lipstick on your lips. Choose the shade of your lipstick carefully, taking your complexion into account. In the end, check if everything has been well blended. A little trick that can do magic is to apply a coat of colourless, shiny lip gloss over your lips. Apply it thickly in the middle of your lips to enhance your pout.

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