Losing weight is a big issue prevailing in the modern society. Everyone everywhere is worried about their weight and figure. People are investing thousands of dollars in weight loss diet plans, weight loss medicine and gyms. It is a huge problem for many people. They try again and again to lose weight and get frustrated and depressed if they fail. In this article we do not give any stressful diet plans or rigid exercise routines. We will just present some natural weight loss remedies that can help people who are trying to lose weight.

Natural weight loss remedies mostly include lifestyle changes. If you follow these few steps you might not see any miraculous change but it will be beneficial in many ways. These are very basic natural weight loss remedies and you might be aware of some or many of them but it is good to be reminded of good stuff often.

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  1. Natural weight loss remedies by food

  • Portion control

One of the best ways to lose weight is portion control. You can eat three to four meals per day but eat small portion. Buy cutlery in which plates and bowls are small and resist the temptation to take second helpings. If you are having four meals per day you would not feel hungry and it will be easier to resist the cravings and yearnings to eat junk food.

natural weight loss rememdies

  • Do not buy junk

Stock up on healthy snacks like almonds and yogurt. Do not but cookies, sweets and chocolates. If there is no junk food in your house you are less likely to consume it. whe you go grocery shopping write this reminder at the top of your shopping list ‘ No Junk Food’. In this way whenever you pick up a thing you will think whether it healthy or not. Buy more from the fresh produce and as much less packaged or tinned as you can. If you have kids and need to buy some snacks, do not store them in your regular pantry, in fact store them at some place that is difficult to reach. It will automatically cut down the consumption of the junk snacks.

  • Add more protein and less carbs to your diet

Proteins give you a sense of fullness and satisfaction.  They are healthy and help build up the muscles. Eat as much proteins as you like but lower down the consumption of carbs. Carbs are slower to break down and digest and help in weight gain in weak people. A protein rich breakfast will help you eat less all day long. Proteins are found in a number of food like chicken, eggs, fish, poultry, cottage cheese. While carbs are in bread, brown rice, oats, quinoa etc. eating proteins will not help you in weight reduction it will also keep you healthy.

  • Water is your best friend

natural weight loss rememdies

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Drink as much water as you can. There are different theories that one should drink eight glasses of water every day or twelve, but whatever the exact number is the bottom line is that we should drink lots and lots of water every day. Water not only keeps the body active, skin fresh and your system hydrated it also helps in weight loss. The water should be drunk half an hour before the main meal. It is not advisable to drink water with the meal. After the meal you can take it but one hour from taking the taking the last bite of the meal.

  • Lots of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables do not make you gain weight. Do eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Especially if the vegetables are uncooked they are very healthy for you. Red carrots, radishes, celery, tomatoes and other fresh vegetables in salads. Make salads an essential item on your dining table with every meal. Of course we here do not mean salads with heavy dressings. Try to keep everything fresh.

  • Avoid processed foods

Processed food are bad for everyone. They are high in sugar content and other kings of glucose. Try to avoid any kinds of processed food. Eat simple and eat healthy. Processed food are high in trans fats or processed vegetable fats both of which are very bad for health.

  • Limit smoking and alcohol consumption

Smoking causes the metabolism to slow down. Similarly alcohol consumption can cause hindrance in weight loss. Try to avoid them in the diet.

  1. Natural weight loss remedies through life style

  • Move around more

  • natural weight loss rememdiesEven if you do not go to the gym, try to move around as much as possible. Moving will keep the body healthy and active. Instead of using the elevators use stairs to go up and down. If you live very high up come halfway through elevators and then take the stairs. Do your own work. Household work like cleaning, dusting and taking care of your kids require lots of energy, and will burn down the fats.
  • Eat thoroughly in small bites.

Chew your food thoroughly. If the food is properly chewed it will be easier to digest and convert into useful energy for the body.

  • Use honey

natural weight loss rememdies

Eating honey mixed with lukewarm water with a couple teaspoons of lemon juice will affect your health in a positive way. It is great for weight loss also. Honey and lemons both have weight loss properties. They are good for skin and hair too.

Using these simple lifestyle changes can help you go a long way. Keep on trying everyday .Do not get disheartened. You would then be able to reach your target weight in a healthy fashion.

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Do you have any home based weight loss tips and techniques. Do share with us about weight lose in the comments section


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