We all love superheroes. Even though we know in the hearts of hearts that they are not real but we do not really want to admit it. The people’s immense love for superheroes is imminent from the fact that all the superhero franchises are making million and millions of dollars. Be it cinema or the television or toys or clothing, superheroes are everywhere. Producers happily invest in multi-million dollar superhero projects because they know they will get an even bigger return. In this article we list ten superheroes that we love.

Why do we love these top ten superheroes?

Superheroes are depicted as larger than life icons who fight the evil and work for the betterment of whole society selflessly without asking for any reward in return. They are portrayed as the ultimate saviors of the society. So we as humans are forced to fall in love with them because of all the good that supposedly do. Also they are just cool. I mean look at all the amazing gadgets they have and all the cool stuff they can do. So we love them and we are in awe of them.


There are so many superheroes nowadays. Every other comic book character is getting a movie made on it.  And a movie does not mean that a two and a half hour show and the end of the show. Then there are the superhero goodies, likes clothes, cups, action figures, costumes, and what not. Everything you think of has a superhero customization. Young and old all are into this big race, to reach their favorite superhero as near as possible by having as much superhero stuff as they can.

So the businesses are thriving and people are blindly in love very happy about it. So here is the list of top ten superheroes that we love.

The Batman

The caped crusader is different from others because he has no inborn superpowers. He has learnt the art of fighting, advanced martial arts and self-defense. He has trained his body, the hard way, to be powerful and strong. And then he is the owner of the multimillion dollar Wayne empire. That makes it possible for him to design get built the state of the art gadgets like Bat mobile or the signature Batman motorbike. He is also an expert in using the weapons.

So the son of a millionaire, scared by the ruthless murder of his parents right in front of his eyes, decides to fight the evil by actually going into the dark crime alleys and fight first hand with his own hands.

The Batman franchise has churned out many movies and many actors have played the character of Batman. The best of them so far has been Christen Bale’s stalwart performance in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight series. Nolan’s Batman series is a work off a genius and it beautifully captures the journey of Dark Knight from a kid who is afraid of dark to the strong protagonist who fights the darkest of the villains.

Unfortunately, christen Bale has bowed out of working in the Batman anymore. Ben Affleck is the new Batman and has already appeared in the mega hit, Superman vs The Batman. Now Batman will be having a reboot in The Batman that will be released sometime next year. Also you will be seeing Ben Affleck’s Batman avatar in Justice League that will be released later this year.


Having neck to neck competition with Batman for the spot of top superhero, is the Superman. This is one alien who has done much more for our home planet than any other earth born human has ever done. With lots of super powers, he is the superhero in the real sense. He can fly, he is extremely strong, has X ray eyes and also laser comes out of his eyes that can burn things away.


The superman franchise began long time ago when there was no huge franchise attached to superhero movies. The first Superman movie was released in 1978, in which Christopher Reeves gave unforgettable performance as the superman. It had sequels in1980 and 1983 as superman II and superman III. Although the movies lacked in CGI and modern technology but they have great storyline and performances. After that there had been multiple attempts at reboots but all had failed to make a greater impact. Recently in 2016, Batman vs Superman starred Henry Cavil as the alien superhero and the movie once again revived the chances of a superman movie series.


Our favorite friendly neighborhood Spiderman is also a superhero that is widely loved and admired. It is the superhero that was born by the bite from a genetically engineered spider. When young Peter Parker was bitten by the bug, it completely changed his life. He got the powers of a spider, however in human beings these powers becomes superpowers. He can climb walls, he can swing all over the city, he has super sharp senses and he has increased agility and stamina.


Toby Maguire did a Spiderman trilogy and was awesome. Then Andrew Garfield did another Spiderman reboot trilogy and that was truly amazing. Now the new Spiderman is going to be young Tom Holland. In the new movie, Peter Parker is young, a high school student, and coping up with a double life. The prior two Spiderman series were great, so there is a lot on pressure on the young star to do better. Let’s see whether he succeeds or not.

Iron man

This is one hero who is more of a superstar than a superhero. Unlike the previous three heroes, Ironman does not hide his true identity from the people. Everyone knows that Tony Stark, the extremely rich and a little spoilt, science prodigy in in fact Ironman. Ironman’s main superpower is his extra ordinary brains. He has profound knowledge about science and tech, and he makes the extra ordinary Ironman suit with his wealth and brains. The suits makes him a super hero. He can fly, he can shoot lasers and gunshots, and his suit is bullet proof. Although when he is not wearing the suit he is quite vulnerable and has no super powers.


Iron man has appeared in a number of super mega hit movies. The Iron man trilogy was wonderful set of movies and set the bar very high for the upcoming superhero movies. Then the superhero appeared in the highly popular Avenger series. Robert Downy Jr. has starred in six movies as Ironman and thankfully has no desire to quit being Ironman. Soon he will be seen in the next avengers’ movie.

Ironman ranks high on our score for his sense of humor and comic timings besides the power and all the other superhero gimmicks.

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Captain America

Captain America, also known as the first avenger, is the leader of the avengers. He is senior to all of them in age. Steve Rogers was a very physically weak man and was rejected many times to enroll in the war. However he is brave and noble of the heart.

Dejected by his rejections, he decides to be a part of a science experiment that makes him undergo a lot physical change. He becomes taller, stronger and faster. His senses are heightened and he aging slows down, in fact he becomes the perfect soldier and the weapon of war. There have been three Captain America movies (the first avenger, winter’s soldier and Civil war) so far in which Chris Evans plays the role beautifully. He can also be seen play among the lead in the avengers movies. In the next avengers movie too Chris Evans plays the role of Captain America. He is taciturn and somber and sometimes has difficult in managing so many superheroes together.


Hulk is another favorite among the people. He is result of an experiment gone really bad, and the over exposure to the gamma radiations make him turn into Hulk whenever he feels angry or have a strong burst of emotions. Hulk is a very angry guy. Whenever he gets angry or lose control of his emotions, DR. Bruce Banner comes a very tall and powerful green machine, known as the Hulk. He is all green as an after effect of the radiations. There has been a couple of individual standalone Hulk movies, but the biggest cinematic success has been being a part of avengers’ franchise. Among the Avengers Black Widow, learns to control hulk and help him transform back. She and Banner both share a special bond with each other.


When he is Hulk, Bruce Banner does remember what he did. He is also a science prodigy. In the beginning he tries very hard to remove his ability to turn into Hulk and be a normal human being but as he learns to control his powers to an extend and becomes a part of the avengers, he decides that he can put the strength of Hulk to good use and gives up on trying to get rid of his ability to turn into Hulk forever.

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Thor is a God and belongs to the planet of Asgaurd. He helps in the protection of the people of the planet earth. Thor was exiled from his home planet of Asgaurd by his father. He came to Earth, not as a God but as a mortal. His hammer named as the Mjolnir has a number of powers like controlling the weather, making Thor fly, and giving him extra human strength.


Chris Hemsworth plays the character of Thor, the axe wielding superhero who becomes an integral part of the Avengers franchise. The axe is really powerful but only the worthy can wield it, otherwise there would have been attacks on Thor by other people and super villains to get the axe away from him. Thor’s step brother Loki is the antagonist in the first Avengers movie. He steals the tesseract and in return for it, Loki gets an army that will make him conquer the world and he would become its master forever. Thor has a soft corner for his brother but he also stops him from destroying the world. The next Thor movie, the Ragnork, will release later this year and would be a scene stealer for other men.

The Ninja turtles

The quartet of genetically mutated turtles, could capture the heart of the audience this much was not thought out by the creatures of Ninja turtles, but it true that Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo and Leonardo are our favorites and deserve a spot in the top superheroes list. The comic book series based on the lives of these turtles who are trained by the genetically modified rat known as Master Splinter. Each turtle has a unique power and capability.


Donatello is the mechanical genius. He designs and invents most of the weapons that the gang then uses to attack the villains. Raphael is the aggressive team member who is a great fighter but usually his anger, makes him make the wrong choices. Leonardo is the leader of the quartet, who is devoted to all of them while Michelangelo is a typical teenager who in known for his love of pizza. There has been movies and cartoon series both on the lives of the turtles. Bothe franchises have been highly profitable.


Even now he’s starring in a critically acclaimed Netflix series, is Daredevil really on the A-List? Honestly, the fact he’s always flown under that top tier of superheroes is what’s made him so great, especially when you look at the work of writers like Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, and Mark Waid.


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One of the only heroes with a true disability, Matt Murdock’s battle with depression also grounds him in reality in a way even his dark and gritty adventures don’t.

This is our list of favorite superheroes, although there are others too. Which one is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below.

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