When it comes to skincare, who can give better advice than dermatologists? Dermatologists deeply understand the fundamentals of skincare. They understand how different ingredients, products, and tools work and whether they are good for your skin or not. It is always good to research the things you are going to use on your face. Do not follow the skin care tips and remedies you see on the internet blindly. We have compiled a list of things that dermatologists never use on their face so you can stay away from those things too.

Things Dermatologists Avoid

Toothpastethings dermatologists avoid

We have all come across the toothpaste tip a number of times. Some people say toothpaste can clear up an acne breakout. The truth is far from that though. Dermatologists warn against using a toothpaste on the face as it can cause irritation. It is better to use a  2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide formula for your pimples and spots. It will kill acne-causing bacteria and also reduce inflammation.

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Hot Wax

For hair removal, go for tweezing, threading, or laser. Do not choose to wax. Hot wax sticks to your face and pulls off a layer of your skin along with the hair. If you use exfoliants and retinoids too then waxing can cause your skin to burn, scar, blister or scab.

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Primers With Siliconethings dermatologists avoid

Never use primers with silicone as they can not only clog your pores but also block the flow of oxygen. It will be especially bad for you if you have acne prone skin. It can trap acne-causing bacteria too. The ingredients you should avoid include cyclohexasiloxane, trimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, phenyl, and dimethicone.

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Exfoliating Brushesthings dermatologists avoid

It is not recommended to use exfoliating bushes on your face. Your facial skin is very delicate and must be handled very gently. Your skin exfoliates naturally and you do not need harsh tools and devices to exfoliate your face. Exfoliating with harsh tools can damage your skin and cause irritation and scarring. So, don’t use harsh tools to exfoliate your face. A mild scrub thrice a day is enough.

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Most dermatologists will never use a loofah on their face as it can transfer a lot of bacteria to your face. Loofah is used all over the body so it can be full of a lot of bacteria and germs. It is a  good idea to change your loofah every now and then. Instead of using a loofah to wash your face, use your hands and a mild cleanser. Apart from harboring bacteria, loofah can also be too harsh for your face and can irritate your facial skin. So, it is best to not let a loofah come anywhere near you.

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Synthetic Fragrancesthings dermatologists avoid

Synthetic fragrances are made of harmful chemicals such as benzene derivatives, aldehydes, petroleum, and toluene that can cause allergic reactions. They can even cause redness and irritation in the applied areas. Avoid products that have ingredients such as perfume, parfum, limonene, eugenol, linalool, geraniol, citronellol, and cinnamal. These can irritate your skin.

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Abrasive Exfoliators

Never use abrasive scrubs such as crushed nut shells on your face. Do not use a rough scrub either. These can cause abrasions, inflammation, dilated blood vessels, and hyperpigmentation. People with sensitive skin should be really cautious about the kind o scrubs they use on their face.

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Astringents With Alcoholthings dermatologists avoid

If you have dry skin, alcohol-based products will dry you out even more. Instead of using toners with alcohol, dermatologists recommend using hazel. It has tannins, which is a type of polyphenol. This makes it a natural astringent. It reduces inflammation and oil. It also soothes irritation.

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 It is always best to follow the advice of skin care specialists and dermatologists when it comes to skin concerns. Avoid using harsh tools and harsh ingredients on your face as they will dry out your skin and may also irritate it. It is best to go for gentle and natural products.

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Which things have your dermatologist asked you not to put on your face? Let us know in the comments below!

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