Who doesn’t love winters? With the falling temperatures and fall break, everyone gets in a festive mood. A lot of events are also scheduled this season. In short, winter is the party season. So, it only makes sense if you want to look and feel your best this season. The best way to begin is to de-stress and detox. When you feel good from within, it shows up on your face. Killing stress is also absolutely necessary as stress often leads to a lot of problems such as hair fall and acne. So, de-stress and detox to look your best!

De-stress And Detox

Be Happyde-stress and detox

This is easier said than done. If something is weighing you down, you might find it difficult to be happy. But try as much as you can. Laughter is great for your body and health. Try to be grateful for the small things and never miss an opportunity to smile and happy. Something as little as spending time with little kids in your neighborhood can take away stress and bring a smile to your face.

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Exercise is not just great for your body, it is a great stress buster too! Exercise is a must if you want to de-stress and detox! It is a good idea to exercise in the morning. When you wake up, your body is in a calorie deficit and your glycogen levels reduce when you are sleeping. So, your body utilizes fat stores for energy. If you exercise in the morning, it can really help you lose some weight. If exercise is not your thing, try yoga instead. Yoga is not just good for your mind but also your digestive system. It can also boost your metabolism. As little as 10 minutes of a little physical activity in the morning can do wonders for you.

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Eat A Good Breakfastde-stress and detox

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we take it so lightly! We usually opt for unhealthy things at breakfast such as bread, butter, and sugary tea! Swap these unhealthy goodies for something nutritious and healthy. You can eat eggs, yogurt, or fruits for breakfast. Papaya and pineapple are great options as they contain enzymes which are great for breaking down protein and beating bloating. Kiwi is also great for a bowel movement and reducing water retention. Avoid sugary fruit such as peaches, cherries, and grapes. You can make fruit smoothies with blueberries, strawberries, banana, and almond milk. Smoothies are not only delicious but also nutritious. They are great for people who don’t like a heavy breakfast in the morning.

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Move Around More

It is a good idea to walk around more and be more physically active. Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Walk to the grocery store instead of driving. Walking more will help burn calories. It will also improve digestion. So, never miss an opportunity to walk around some more!

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Drink More Liquid

Try to drink more water. Water will curb your appetite and prevent you from eating more than you need to. Water also improves digestion and flushes out excess salt and toxins from your body. Drink lemon water if you do not like plain water. You can also drink detox water as it is great for flushing out toxins. You can also add apple cider vinegar and honey to your water if you want to lose weight. Also, try green tea as it boosts metabolism. You can also try dandelion tea as it is a diuretic and reduces bloating and toxins.

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Cut Down The Unhealthy Stuffde-stress and detox

As important as it is to eat more healthy food, it is also important to reduce the consumption of unhealthy food such as junk food, processed food, oily food, and sugary food. Look for healthy alternatives so that you will not feel hungry or deprived. Program yourself to not be attracted to unhealthy food. When you really understand how bad unhealthy food is for you, you will not be attracted towards it.

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Why wait for January to kickstart your fitness program. Start today and be a step closer to your health goals. De-stress and detox to be your best self. These tips are pretty easy to follow. You just have to make a few simple changes in your life. You do not need a lot of time or money to follow these trips. All you need is a little restraint and a lot of commitment!

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Share your favorite detox tips with us in the comments below!

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