A lot of us feel devoid of energy. Sometimes this is because we haven’t had enough sleep or we have a nutrition deficiency. Sometimes stress can also make you feel dull and tired. Either way, having a lack of energy can seriously hamper your life. If you don’t feel active and alert, you cannot expect yourself to give your 100% to every thing. This can especially be a problem if you work or you study. In fact, all kinds of responsibilities, including housework, require energy and alertness. A good idea is to ensure that you are not nutrient deficient. Try too eat energy boosting foods. Natural energy supplements can also greatly help you.

Natural Energy Supplements

Ginkgo Bilobanatural energy supplements

Ginkgo is known for powerful antioxidant activity. It also improves blood flow. Research has shown that it also improves  ATP (cellular energy) and mitochondrial respiration production in brain cells. This normalizes the metabolic activity of the body at the cellular level, protects the cells and promotes longevity and health.

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Asian ginseng

It is one of the best natural energy supplements out there. It will not only boost your energy levels, but also your mood. It is a little expensive though. Also, make sure you are buying the real deal and not getting duped as a lot of products claiming to have Asian ginseng have a high concentration of artificial ingredients.  Ginseng should be used sparingly and you must avoid high doses as this can lead to side effects. Asian ginseng has good reputation in the world of herbal medicines.

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Caffeinenatural energy sources

Caffeine stimulates your metabolism. It will make you feel as if you have more mental and physical energy. Instead of going for supplements, try to get your dose of caffeine from natural sources like tea or coffee. However, don’t go over board with caffeine. Too much caffeine can actually be bad for you. Reserve caffeine for days when you really need a boost. Do not depend on it everyday. Limit the number of cups you have every day. Too much of even a good thing can be bad.

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Vitamin B12natural energy supplements

Vitamin B12 is vital for protein metabolism. It helps with the formulation of red blood cells. It also helps maintain the central nervous system. Vitamin B12 is a great energy booster. If you take a multivitamin, you don’t need B12. Only animal foods contain B12 so vegans may need to take supplements (after consultation with a doctor). This vitamin also helps to make the DNA in cells.

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This is a herb which has caffeine. It has been shown to help some people with mental strain. If you already consume caffeine in some other form, it is advised to not take guarana too as it will lead to a caffeine over dose. Apart from reducing physical and mental fatigue, this herb is used to enhance athletic performance, for weight loss, and as a stimulant. This herb acts on the nervous system to reduce fatigue. It also breaks down lactic acid from muscle stress.

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Iodinenatural energy supplements

Our hormones regulate our metabolism. They also start the release of many biochemicals that are related to energy creation. Our thyroid uses iodine to create thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) which are the hormones responsible for regulating other hormones. The best sources of iodine are sea vegetables (kobu, dulse seaweed, arame, and wakame), seafood, and leafy greens.

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This hormone is released from the pineal gland. It directly effects energy metabolism. People who are deficient in melatonin suffer from accelerated brain aging and fatigue . Research has also shown that melatonin levels affect gene activation and. Luckily, the pineal gland creates melatonin when nighttime darkness sets in. Research has shown that sleeping with lights on interferes with melatonin production. If your sleep cycle is inconsistent, it may result in melatonin imbalance. This can not only disrupt energy levels, but also blood sugar,even weight.

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Magnesiumnatural energy supplements

Magnesium has many health benefits. It is good for the heart health and vital for proper muscle and nerve function. It is also required for the activation of ATP and maintaining mitochondrial health. Low magnesium levels can lead to low energy levels. It can also make you struggle concentrating on daily basic tasks. Some natural sources of magnesium include pumpkin seeds, raw spinach, sesame seeds, almonds, quinoa, avocados, and beans.

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Acetyl L-carnitine

This biochemical is also required for energy metabolism. It transports fatty acids into the mitochondria. this is done for energy conversion. Acetyl groups  are important for energy creation. Our body naturally creates acetyl L-carnitine, and it is used to protect and support the brain. Adequate levels are needed for neural health and energy metabolism.

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Natural energy supplements are great energy boosters. It is a good idea to choose the natural route whenever possible. Adequate sleep is also vital if you want to stay energized all day.

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Which are the most effective natural energy supplements according to your experience? What works for you? Let us know in the comments below!