The plant-based diet is all the rage these days and for all the right reasons. We fed our bodies a lot of junk food and processed foods all these years and thankfully there is now more awareness about the importance of a plant-based diet. A diet which consists of junk foods and processed foods doesn’t nourish your body in any way. In fact, you are doing your body a disservice by indulging in such unhealthy food. It is a great time to make a switch. Making a switch seems overwhelming sometimes so here are some tips and tricks to make the transition to a plant-based diet easier for you.

Plant-Based Diet

Take It Slow

plant-based diet

Don’t try to quit your current diet cold turkey as this approach often backfires. Take it slow instead. Introduce plant-based foods slowly into your diet. For instance, you can try to have to have two plant-based meals a week in the beginning. You can then increase the number of times you have plant-based meals in a week. This way you will slowly acquire a taste for plant-based foods which will make the transition easier.

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Increase The Greens

Try having one big salad every day. This is a great way to have more plant-based foods in your diet. Another way is to have a small salad with all your meals. This way you will have a little of everything. Try to have more leafy greens as they are really healthy. Instead of opting for sandwiches for lunch, go for a salad with leafy greens, beans, legumes, and hummus. These are all very nourishing ingredients for your body. Once you get used to eating greens, you will be addicted to them because of how good they make your body feel!

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Change Proportionsveggies

Instead of cooking meat with vegetables, try cooking vegetables with meat! Your goal should be having more vegetables. This will ensure you are having more vegetables without totally cutting down meat. This will make the transition to a plant-based diet easier. Your goal is to ensure that you are having something from all the healthy food groups. Do not demonize meat, as meat has essential nutrients that a plant-based diet will not be able to provide you. Try to look for organic chicken and grass fed beef.

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Start Early

You have probably heard how what you do in the morning affects the rest of your day. Try to start our day on the right note. Instead of having cereals and toasts, go for a plant-based breakfast. Try having oats, walnuts, strawberries and cinnamon in the morning. You can also go for a green smoothie. This way you will have a healthy, plant-based breakfast brimming with antioxidants. Such a breakfast will keep you energized through out the day. Add chia seeds and flax seeds to your breakfast for added benefits. If you get all your greens in the morning, it wouldn’t matter even if your other meals are not plant-based.

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Have A Colorful Dietleafy greens

Colorful fruits and vegetables are not just great to look at, they also have tons of health benefits. Try to eat the whole rainbow as different colors have different benefits. For instance, yellow vegetables and fruits have a lot of Vitamin C. Red fruits and vegetables like red peppers and tomatoes have a lot of lycopene. Purple and blue foods such as eggplant and blueberries have anthocyanin which is great for blood pressure. A good way to incorporate all these fruits and vegetables in your diet is having a fruit salad and a vegetable salad every day.

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Make Your Pasta Green

Pasta is delicious and it is a great way to have more veggies. So next time you make a pasta, add a lot of carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers in it. Instead of a store bought dressing, make your own with olive oil and lemon juice. You can also add chickpeas to make your pasta more filling and nutritious.

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Don’t Forget Proteinsalad

Protein is very important for healthy nails, skin, and hair. Add protein sources to your veggies to make the meal more nutritious. Protein also helps manage blood sugar. Apart from meat, there are also some plant sources of protein. Beans and rice also have a lot of protein.

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Go Easy On Fruits

While fruits have a lot of benefits and must be consumed daily, be moderate. Fruits have a lot of sugar. As we know, an excess of anything is bad. Try to eat more vegetables than fruits. Eat 2-3 servings of fruits every day.

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 Keep Starches In Checkplant-based diet

Don’t consume a lot of starchy vegetables like potatoes. That doesn’t mean we are demonizing them. Potatoes are a good source of protein but should be consumed in moderation.

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Explore More Options

A plant-based diet isn’t just about salads. Do not limit your options. Experience new fruits and vegetables. Try kale instead of spinach. Try turnips instead of potatoes, Eat more tropical fruits like kiwis, passion fruits, lychees, and mangoes.

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Observe How You Feelplant-based diet

A diet rich in plants generally makes people feel healthier. This is because plants provide you a lot of nutrients and improve your digestion too. This is because plants have a lot of fiber. A plant-based diet will keep you fuller for longer. When you will notice that you feel better, you will feel motivated to stick to your plant-based diet.

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A plant-based diet has a lot to offer. We don’t advise quitting meat, unless you are a vegetarian of course, as meat has a lot of nutritious which a plant-based diet does not have. Try to get organic meat.

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