We focus a lot on our face, but our hands and feet deserve equal attention. You need manicure and pedicure to keep your hands and feet clean and polished. Apart from that, you also need good moisturizers. Invest in a good hand cream to keep your hands moisturized and hydrated. We subject our hands to so much throughout the day that’s why it is essential to nourish them. Hand creams also act as protectors against environmental aggression. It is a good idea to make it a habit of using hand creams from an early age to prevent wrinkles later in life. While hand creams may seem too much of a work, the benefits go a long way.

Best Hand Creams

Palmer Cocoa Butter Formula

hand cream

It is an intensive hand relief cream. It is great for itchy and irritated skin. It is also great for severely dry skin that is prone to eczema. It is fragrance-free and paraben free. It has also been dermatologically tested. It soothes and softens your hands. It also provides 24 hours moisture for hands. It also has vitamin E.

Comice Pear & Wild Honey Creamhand cream

It is a luxuriously and moisturizing hand cream that balances the aromas of honeyed comice pears with gardenia and sweet biscuit. Kee in mind that it is limited edition. It is blended with Gloucestershire wild honey and has the luscious fragrance of plump comice pears. It is a soothing hand cream that leaves skin nourished and intensely hydrated. It is an indulgent increment to your hand care routine. It is instantly absorbed into the skin and has a great sweet scent. You can keep it in your bag for use on the go!

Almond Milk & Honey Cream by The Body Shophand cream the body shop

It is essential for sensitive skin while traveling, it protects and soothes dry hands. It is very calming and relaxing. It is enriched with organic almond milk that is from Spain and it has Community Trade honey from Ethiopia. This cream is specially made for sensitive, dry skin. It is a calming and protecting hand cream. It soothes dry hands. It is great for sensitive, dry skin. It is made with organic almond milk. It has been enriched with Community Trade honey and organic almond oil. It also has hypoallergenic fragrance. It is terminologically tested.

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L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream

It is full of shea butter and lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence. It is a smooth, light-textured cream which gently helps to nourish the hands and makes them soft and perfumed. It is great to use at bedtime and absorbs fast without leaving a greasy feeling. Lavender was amongst the first flowers distilled by Olivier Baussan, who is the founder of L’OCCITANE. It is known in Provence as ‘blue gold’. It is a tribute to the south of France. It represents the region and the hard work of labour.  L’OCCITANE uses lavender which is procured from farmers’ cooperatives in Haute-Provence.

Jo Malone Geranium & Walnut Hand Cream

It soothes and softens your hands. It is a lightweight, gently scented formula. It has Apricot Kernel oil which absorbs quickly, leaving hands moisturized. Geranium is crisp and vibrant and it is paired with the warmth of walnut.

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Frédéric Malle Iris Hand Cream

It is hydrating, nourishing cream with a rich texture which absorbs quickly. It is perfect as it is both light and heavily moisturizing.

Energy Bank Hand Makeover

It is instantly enhancing transformer for hands. It can be used throughout the day for hand revival. It treats your hands with a high dose of moisturizer and it also protects your hands. It is an innovative hand cream that immediately addresses signs of aging. It uses soft-focus powders to hide imperfections, and also has Vitamin E which is very enriching, Blackcurrant oil and Shea Butter to hydrate, nourish, tighten and brighten your hands. It is great for tired looking hands as it refines skin tones, which makes hands look youthful.hand creams

Miller Harris Lumière Dorée

Use this lightly scented cream to keep your hands soft and hydrated. It contains Shea butter, which is very moisturizing, argan oil, along with aloe vera for which is very gentle for sensitive skins.

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Make it a habit to use a hand cream on a daily basis. Reapply through out the day to ensure your hands are moisturized and hydrated. Choose a hand cream that suits your skin type. In the winter months, go for heavily moisturizing creams. In the summer months, look for light weight formulas. You can prevent wrinkles if you apply a hand cream everyday and take care of your hands. A hand cream with vitamin E is especially good as vitamin E repairs skin. Alternatively, you can also oils like the olive oil as a hand cream. Downside, of course, would be the greasiness.

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Do you use a hand cream daily? Which one do you currently use? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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