If you glance at the past, then you will find that girl used to utilize the different color nail polish which is still in the practice of girls of decorating the nails in a good manner which looks amazing. Basically, the nail polish increase the beauty of hands and the hands look glowing and appealing.

Nail art in past and in present

However, the black nail art is the second version of the nail polish in which girls decorate the nails with black and white color for giving a unique look to each of the nail. Normally girls uses a single color for polishing the nails, but through the black nail art, a single nail is decorated with multiple colors for giving it unique look. It has been very common now in western girls and they prefer to do it. Therefore, it takes a lot of time for polishing the nails and decorating it with different art colors. But the results comes very attractive and appealing.

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Trend in Beauty Parlors

Even, many beauty parlors have also started such kind of black nail art for providing the facility for those girls who does not know how to apply this black nail art on the nails. Usually the quality black nail art remains on the nails for a week and gradually when you put your hand into the water, the color leaves your nail and noise comes into the original condition.

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Girls make different combinations of color for doing the black nail art. Even, many companies have also launched the multi colored nail polish which is a little bit expensive, but through which you can make a black nail art on your nails and you do not need to move beauty parlor for getting expensive services for nails. Thus, you can do it at your home. You must know how to polish the nails and also you have to spend a bit time for polishing the nails with multicolor. Usually girls make the combination of black and white because these colors look amazing together and give attractive an appealing look. Black nail art shows different portraits and images of which girls make on the nails. It is amazing to see such kind of art work on nails.

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Black Nail Art: Few PICs

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