Who does not want glowing flawless skin? There are so many benefits of having a flawless skin that it is every girls dream. Once you have glowing skin you do not need loads of makeup to put on. A simple light lipstick and eyeliner are enough if the skin is already flawless. No need for base, highlighter, concealer, blush or foundation. You will still look fine. Seems very tempting right? Well in this article we will look into how to get glowing skin in a month.

To get glowing skin in a month is not that difficult. With a little care and perseverance you can also get glowing skin in a month. However how much you need to put in to get glowing skin in a month depends upon your current skin condition. If you skin is smooth but is dull and lack luster, it will be easier to bring back the glow with following tricks.

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How to get glowing skin in a month

Drink lots of water

 get glowing skin in a month

The first secret to get glowing skin in a month is actually no secret al all. It is something we all know about but we still do not do it. This is  to drink lots of water. 8 to 1 glasses of water are a must for everyone per day. Whenever we read the many benefits of drinking so much water everyday we are tempted and we vow that we will drink even more than the recommended amount, but the resolve seldom stays and we end up forgetting about it in a week. So in order to keep the resolve, keep a chart and tag in on the refrigerator or any kitchen cabinet that is visible to you all the time. Divide it thirty rows for a month and 8 glasses per day. So put tick whenever you drink one glass. In this way you can keep a track of how much water you are drinking everyday.

Another easy way is to keep a water bottle with you all the time that has measured amount of water in it. So you know how much water you are drinking everyday. The main thing is that you should keep a track and do not forget.

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Take proper sleep

 get glowing skin in a month

 As you can see we are starting with the very basics now. Proper sleep is very important to give a glow and beauty to the skin. That is why sleep is called as beauty sleep too. Effects of sleeplessness start appearing on your facial skin first. There are dark circles under your eyes. The skin loses all the glow. It will appear dull and your expression becomes haggard and artificial all time. So take the time for your sleep. Eight hour sleep is a must for everyone for a healthy sleep cycle. Because of internet and mobile phones, sleep has decreased. Instead of sleeping on time, people take their gadgets to bed and then keep in playing with them until its way past bedtime. So never take the gadgets to bed. Take proper res t and sleep for a healthy and glowing skin.

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Eat healthy

 get glowing skin in a month

Healthy eating is very important for a glowing skin. What we eat is first shown on your face. So make sure you eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are best because they contain lots of fibers. Fibers are good for skin and they do not make you fat or have lots of calories. So in order to eat healthy do avoid oily food that is deep fried. Homemade food is great as you know all the ingredients and are aware that there are no unhealthy oils or products used in preparing the food.

Avoiding food with sugar content is also a major health factor. Too much sugar can cause skin to crack and acne outbreak.one knows how badly it effects the weight of the body. So if you are craving sugar, eat healthy naturally occurring sugars like dates, oranges or water melons. Some of the healthiest foods include cucumbers, avocados, kale, pomegranates, grapes and carrots. Consume these in your daily foods and you will see the difference. Eating them raw is the best.

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Do not smoke

how to get glowing skin in a month

Smoking takes away all the freshness from the skin. Apart from lots of other problems smoking is also very bad for skin. So if you aspire to have a healthy glowing skin then too much smoking should be a big no no for you. Here is what health.com has to say about smoking and skin. Along with diseases like lung cancer, smoking is widely associated with skin diseases like premature aging of skin, delayed wound healing, and increased infections like acne outbreaks or blemishes, as well as a number of skin disorders, particularly psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa and cutaneous lupus erythematosus.

De-stress your life

Stressful life is definitely a cause of premature skin deterioration and ageing. You will start getting wrinkles and lines on your face if you are constantly living under stress and tension. It is the biggest cause of problems and all your stress and tension will show up on your face.

The easiest thing is to not to take any problem or situation too seriously. Try to remain calm and cool as much as you can. Do not over stress yourself. There are things which are in your control. Give your best in those things so that they can be done in the best possible way. However there are things that cannot be controlled by you. There is no need to stress about those things just let them be. Too much stress will only damage your nerves and your skin.

Do not over do with makeup

 get glowing skin in a month

+This is not just for healthy skin in a month but this practice has many long term benefits too. Using too much makeup is very bad for your skin. It can cause many skin problems. It can cause spots and blemishes as well as scars. It takes away your natural beauty. While there are definitely times when you cannot avoid using makeup but always use it with caution. And before sleeping do remove the makeup and all the impurities from the face with a good cleanser. Then moisturize so that skin in hydrated while you sleep.

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To get glowing skin in a month is not that difficult. However these are some minor life style changes which you need to make in order to get glowing skin in a month.

Do try to follow these tricks for a month and let us know if you see any difference.

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